Easy DIY Upcycled Fall Home Decor Ideas and Projects

Get creative with upcycled fall home decor ideas! These easy and budget-friendly DIY projects using fall wreaths, pine cones, and old fabric will add a touch of autumn to your home.

Who loves to decorate for fall?? Me, Me! DIY fall decorations make the fall season even more fun. But new decor can cost a fortune! And when you are trying to cover your grocery bill….. well let’s just say that new fall decor isn’t always a priority. Am I right?

If fall is your favorite season then you are going to love this post! So let’s dive into some easy fall decor ideas that you can make yourself. Many of these easy project ideas will only take an afternoon.

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repurposed and upcycled autumn home decor

Let’s chat a bit about what upcycling and repurposing mean, why it’s a great way to decorate your home with these pieces, and the benefits of repurposing!

what is upcycled fall home decor?

Upcycling and repurposing has become so popular in the last few years and I am here for it! If you do a search on the world wide web, you will come across many different interpretations of what upcycled and repurposed home decor is.

You’ll see upcycled items like old dollar store finds, empty food containers like plastic milk jugs, broken pottery, and even coffee cans. Now, I’m not saying anything bad about that style of repurposing. We all have our own tastes and I applaud that!

My style is more about finding outdated home decor pieces that I find at my local thrift store, and yard sales and marrying them with supplies I can purchase at a craft store.

The look I am going for when I repurpose or upcycle home decor is a vintage-inspired aesthetic. I like to make thrift store pieces look antique and vintage so that they match our home.

These thrift store items often need a personal touch like paint or hot glue and some creative ways to make them new again. Or in my case, to make them look old!

why is it a great way to decorate for fall?

We all like to save money, right? An easy way to do this is to re-create your own autumn decor. It takes a little imagination and creative thinking but I am here to help with that! And so are some of my friends!

In fact, we’ve gathered some amazing DIY fall decor ideas for you in this post. It’s a good idea to read through to the end so you don’t miss any of the ideas we have for you!

what are the benefits of upcycled fall home decor?

Here are some bonus points for upcycling fall home decor:

  • making fall crafts like these is good for your soul. Creative activity is good for you!
  • upcycling old home decor pieces is good for the environment. Instead of always buying new, repurpose something old and save it from the trash heap!
  • you can create unique looks when you repurpose thrift finds. Your autumn decor won’t look like everyone else’s!

​diy pumpkin projects

Fall isn’t fall without a few pumpkins, right? Here are a couple of ways I have recreated some pumpkins.

old sweaters for the win

Making your own little pumpkins is such an easy way to reuse thrifted pieces like sweaters. I gathered a couple of old sweaters in neutrals and orange tones to create these sweet little thrifted sweater pumpkins.

Look in the women’s department of your local thrift store and don’t forget the men’s department! Our Salvation Army sorts sweaters by color so shopping for specific colors is super easy. 

Each sweater can cost $4-$7 ish and you can make several pumpkins from one sweater. Use every bit of the sweater, even the small sections to create mini pumpkins!

thrifted sweater pumpkin sitting in craft room area with other pumpkins in background

​copper leaf pumpkins

This DIY fall decor project showing how to copper leaf a pumpkin is a bit on the crafty side.

I used styrofoam pumpkins leftover from a previous year (they were packed away and I completely forgot about them!) but you could very easily find these pumpkins at your local thrift store for just a couple of dollars!

Look for a variety of sizes. The color doesn’t matter because you can cover them with this gorgeous copper leaf!

copper leaf pumpkins sitting on top of cake stand with faux pine cones and acorns sitting around them

decoupage pumpkins

Small pumpkins made from styrofoam, paper mache, or even resin can be found at thrift stores. All they need is a little love and some pretty decoupage paper for an updated look! Crissy can show you how to decoupage those little pumpkins!

thrift store pumpkin wreath makeover

Fall wreaths are usually pretty easy to find at your local thrift shop. People seem to use them and then they are done! Many don’t want to store the fall wreaths for the following year so they donate them.

That was the case with this wreath. It was very outdated and was the easiest thrift store wreath makeover I have ever done! It cost me well under $10!

lady hanging raffia bow on fall wreath tutorial

​leftover pumpkins

The wreath had more pumpkins than I needed so I repurposed a paper roller and turned it into the cutest centerpiece for our dining room table. You will see it as well as other great thrift store finds for fall decor. That post also includes a YouTube video you will enjoy!

repurposed thrift store find for fall decor

simple wreaths

Fall screams for a new, or in my case an upcycled wreath for the front door, don’t you agree?

​fabric scrap wreath

Fabric is one of my favorite things in the world! Other than my hubby and my kids…. well let’s just say it’s a close race! JK!!

​Making a wreath for autumn from a piece of fabric like plaid wool or dropcloth is an easy DIY fall project! You could use old clothes found while out thrift shopping. Look for flannel shirts, wool skirts, or even throws that could be cut into squares like I did for this cheap wreath for a fall project!

​My friend Lora made the cutest DIY fabric scrap wreath for fall. You are going to love this project!

full front veiw of fall wreath made from wool plaid scraps of fabric

​acorn wreath DIY

Do you have an oak tree in your yard or in your neighborhood? Go hunting for acorns and a couple of pine cones from a pine tree. Using natural elements is a popular way to decorate for fall (really for any season!) Repurposing those natural elements is an inexpensive way to make a beautiful DIY pinecone wreath with acorns for autumn.

If you do not have access to natural acorns or pine cones, look at your thrift store. Often people will donate leftover craft supplies that they didn’t use. Bags of store-bought acorns and pine cones can often be found at these kinds of stores.

Close-up shot of the pine cone wreath that is hanging on a picket fence wall sign.

painted pine cone wreath

Speaking of using natural elements for fall decorating, this simple and beautiful DIY pinecone wreath is a great way to add to your outdoor fall decorations. One of the best things about this wreath was that I gathered the pine cones from our yard! I clipped the pine cones apart to make flowers, added a little bit of paint, assembled the wreath, and wa-la, a gorgeous front door wreath for just a few bucks!

Anna from Skyark House has a great idea for making an easy autumn wheat wreath for your fall decor!

diy painted pinecone wreath hanging on a front door

practically free wreath

Yep, this corn husk wreath was practically free! And it is one of my favorite fall projects to date. I gathered corn husks from the side of the road after the neighboring farmer harvested the corn from his field. There were so many corn husks and broken cobs on the side of the road. I couldn’t resist. I already had some of the supplies on hand but in the end, this wreath only cost me $5!

The Pioneer Woman loved it so much that it was featured in their online magazine!

Diane made this fall wreath is made from embroidery hoops, linen, and faux flowers that you could get from the thrift store!

corn husk wreath hanging on the wall behind a desk that has a lamp, a plant and a Bible sitting on top

printable wall decor

Have you joined our freebie library stocked full of seasonal printable artwork? You’ve got to join! I’ve created so many cute watercolor designs that you can print and use for your fall decorating!

Talk about budget-friendly, I’m giving you the artwork! Print it on watercolor paper and then use the ideas I share in decorating your home for autumn to display your free artwork!

A fall printable design of a house with fall colored trees framed in a vintage oval frame and dislplayed with vintage ironstone plates.

DIY painted flower pillow covers

Do you use pillow covers that you can change out seasonally? I’ve been doing this for a long time especially when I discovered down alternative pillow inserts! Using pillow covers takes up less room than storing all of those pillows. And they are easy to make. I used dropcloth to make these pillow covers using some fall painting ideas with celery. Yep, I just said celery!

Grab a bunch of celery and some paint and let’s make these reusable pillow covers!

Do you love to paint? Then you will enjoy this painted pumpkin pillow project that my friend Wendy made.

painting tutorial for diy pillow covers

additional repurposed fall decor ideas

fall table decor ideas

  • Coffee table centerpiece: Create a centerpiece using fall foliage, pine cones, and cinnamon sticks.
  • Dining table centerpiece: Create a larger centerpiece for your dining table using real pumpkins, gourds, and other fall elements.
  • Use votive candles in blue mason jars scattered across the dining table for soft lighting
  • Create fall centerpieces using fall leaves, pinecones, and corn tassels arranged on a burlap table runner that you made or found at a thrift shop.

fall front door decor

  • Fall wreath: Hang a fall wreath that you made on your front door to welcome guests. Use my suggestions to make a DIY wreath!
  • Front porch decor: Add fall decor to your front porch, such as pumpkins, corn stalks, and hay bales.
  • Decorate your front steps with mums and pumpkins bought at your local garden center. Look for the small pumpkins and mums to save money.

living room decor

  • Cozy blankets: Add cozy blankets to your living room to make it feel more inviting. An old quilt in neutral or autumn colors is a great way to add to the fall look you are trying to create.
  • Fall florals: Add fall florals to your living room in vases baskets or small decorative bowls you find when out thrift shopping.
  • Wall art: Hang fall wall art in your living room to create a cozy feeling. Use our printable library for the artwork!

other fall decor ideas

  • Fall leaf garland: Make a fall leaf garland to hang in your home. Paint magnolia leaves in fall colors for an easy DIY fall garland idea.
  • Painted pumpkins: Paint pumpkins in different colors and display them in your home.
  • Fall foliage placemats: Make fall foliage placemats for your dining table. A heavy dropcloth cut with pinking shears and stitched with a triple zig-zag is an inexpensive way to create your own placemats.
  • Mason jar lanterns: Create mason jar lanterns using candles and fall foliage.
  • Pine cone wreath: Make a pine cone wreath to hang on your front door or in your home. 
  • Spray paint thrifted ceramic or glass pumpkins with copper spray paint or metallic spray paint. If you find clear glass pumpkins when out thrifting, spray paint them on the inside instead of the outside for an interesting look!

tips for decorating for fall

Michele from Vintage Home Designs shares some great tips for decorating with dried hydrangeas. Repurposing spent blooms couldn’t be better! Clip your own hydrangeas or ask a neighbor. If you ask a neighbor for their dried hydrangeas, be sure to make them a little something too! You could gift them with a little pumpkin bread and a sweet fall gift tag!

Lynn shares her ideas for decorating a small entry for fall. You will enjoy her use of vintage pieces in her decor. She has them perfectly arranged for this cozy season!

Emily has beautiful neutral fall decorating ideas using repurposed fall decor pieces. You are going to enjoy this post!

We shared our front porch in the fall over on YouTube. I’m sure you will enjoy watching it!

I hope you enjoyed these easy DIY projects for fall! Could you let me know in the comments which is your favorite? Let me know if you try to make any of the projects I mentioned here. I would love to hear from you about your own fall decorating!

pinterest text with upcycled fall decor projects with text overlay easy diy upcycled fall home decor ideas and projects

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