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Painted Paper Mache Stars

Looking for a quick and easy project that will add a little vintage zip to your Christmas tree this year? Or maybe you are looking for an easy way to add a special touch to your wrapped Christmas gifts? I’ve got just the project you are looking for! Painted Paper Mache Stars! Let’s get started!

paper mache stars

The idea is certainly not an original one. In fact, while scrolling through Instagram one day, I saw the Miss Mustard Seed herself had painted paper mache boxes. They were adorable! She added some beautiful ribbon and used them as Christmas decor.

This was one project I had to do but I wanted to paint something other than boxes. So the Amazon search began!

The stars I found came 12 in a pack for only $12.98. Pretty good bargain so I ordered two packs.

perfect color!

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Mustard Seed Yellow would be the perfect color. One tablespoon of dry milk paint with one tablespoon of water was the perfect amount. In fact, it was a little too much so I am currently looking for something small to paint 😉

two coats of milk paint

The paper mache stars soaked up the first coat. The color was still pretty instense but I knew a second coat would deepen the color even more.

Using a small artist’s brush, I painted the first side of each star. The small brush made it easy to control the paint on such a little star. Each star measures about 3″ so a larger brush would be overkill.

I used a folded piece of card stock to hang the stars on while they dried. The milk paint dries quickly so by the time I finished the first side on the last star, I could start at the beginning and paint the second side.

Good time to listen to an audio book or podcast 😉

The second coat of paint really brought out the fullness of the Mustard Seed Yellow. This is such a pretty vintage shade of yellow!

out with the old, in with the new

After the stars each had two coats of paint and they were dry, I pulled off the gold strings that came along with the stars. The shiny gold is just not my style. I’m more of a jute twine kinda girl 😉

I cut sections of jute twine the same length as the gold string that came with the stars, only just a bit longer to allow for the knot

Tieing a knot is simple but I thought I would show you how I get the knot close to the ends of the twine.

Start by bringing the two ends together then make a loop and pull the ends through it.

Begin to pull the knot tighter while holding onto the ends. The ends are being held by my left hand so you can’t see them.

Pull the knot and skooch the knot towards the ends slowly moving the knot downward.

Once the knot is close enough to the ends, pull it tighter.

I used hot glue to secure the knotted twine to the star. Doesn’t the twine look better than the gold string???

knot tying video

Just in case you want to watch this whole knot tying process, I have a short video for you! Sorry for some of the blurries in the video!

seal and enhance

Last step was to apply Miss Mustard Seed Hemp Oil to both sides of each star. The Hemp Oil seals and enhances the milk paint.

I mean, look at the difference the hemp oil makes! The color takes on a deeper tone and the hemp oil really brings out the color!

All that’s left to do is hang them on the tree! But my tree isn’t even up yet so I’ll save that for another day!

These painted paper mache stars could also be used for gift wrapping. Just skip the bow and use the star with some ribbon!

Wasn’t this a quick and easy project? It would be a fun time to gather friends around the table, each with their own supplies and have a little star painting party! Some warm cider and fresh baked cookies??? Omgoodness, that sounds like fun!

Let me know if you do that! I would love to hear about it!

Thanks for stopping by for this quick and easy painted paper mache stars project! Join us on Instagram and Facebook for more fun projects! Merry Christmas to ya’!

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  1. I’m definitely going to make these, they look like they’ll make a great addition to Christmas gifts. Thanks for the easy tutorial!

      1. I got my stars and Miss Mustard Seed’s paint (mustard seed yellow) today! Stars painted and dried. So far they look like yours! Getting ready to seal with hemp oil and make the twine loops-I love your idea of using twine! V

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