Our Small Bathroom Floor Reno | Shaw VersaLock Vinyl Plank Flooring

Today I want to share with you an easy and inexpensive way to remodel a bathroom floor using Shaw VersaLock Vinyl Plank Flooring.  It is a great product for the average DIY’er! BTW, this is not a sponsored post!  Just a happy customer 🙂

We built our home 20 years ago.  I say we, but I actually mean our builder ;). It was so much fun to pick out all of the details like hardware for cabinets, colors for paint and flooring.  Our builder was generous and allowed us to customize many of the details.  He even let us do some of the work to save on costs.  Tasks like painting and installing solid oak flooring throughout most of our home were ways that we could afford some of the more expensive touches in our home.

We left the bathroom flooring to the builder – I chose the color and his crew installed it.  Well twenty years , three kids, a kitty cat and two dogs later the bathroom floors needed an overhaul!  One of my husband’s friends is a handy man of sorts – helping friends out with household projects and he recommended using Shaw VersaLock Vinyl Plank Flooring.  He assured us that it was super easy to install and would hold up well.  No need to nail the flooring down because the pieces lock end to end and side to side! So off to Lowe’s we went!

The flooring comes in many color selections as well as many looks.  Some of the plank vinyl flooring looks like ceramic tile while others have the look of granite tile.  Since we have oak hardwood floors throughout out the rest of our home, we chose a wood plank look.

Choosing the color was a challenge.  Our wood floors are the Tavern Grade of Bruce Hardwood Floors.  We loved the irregularity and imperfections that the Tavern Grade offered.  We were into old and well-used look before it was popular 🙂  The oak floors have many colors in the grain of the wood as well as the many worm and bug holes throughout the planks so we looked for a color of the VersaLock that would have the same color tones.  The color we chose was Resort Teak. We had already calculated the square footage we needed for our room.  Here is a square footage calculator that might come in handy if you plan on this type of project

We started the project the day after purchasing enough flooring to cover both of our bathrooms.  Today I will show you just the small bathroom.  We allowed the boxed vinyl planks to acclimate for about 24 hours before we started installation. The planks needs to get used to the temps and humidity levels in our home before we start laying them down.  We started with demo of the old linoleum flooring and it took about 1 1/2 hours.

I removed the rubber seal that protects the corner where the floor meets the tub.  There was a bit of glue that had to be scraped with a plastic putty knife.  A metal one could scratch the tub.

See the little dark spot on the floor near the base of the vanity? Yep, that’s hair color from one of our teen daughters 😉

Next up was to remove the toilet.  Honestly, my husband did that part. The room is pretty small as you can see, so we both could not fit much less my camera and tripod!  Fortunately, he knows how to remove a toilet.  He placed it on top of a cardboard box in the tub.  The underside of the toilet has a wax seal and is pretty yucky.  Thank the Lord for hubby’s!!

The baseboard trim had to be removed.  Be careful when removing the trim, especially if you plan on reusing it like we did.  A gentle and firm tug with a small crow bar should be enough to pry it off.  You can use a wide blade putty knife to protect the drywall.  The crowbar can dent drywall so be careful!  You can also label the back of each trim piece for easy re-installation. We didn’t have the need to do that because the lengths of the boards varied so much and we could easily tell where each piece belonged.

The threshold area was challenging.  The old linoleum needed to be removed so the the new vinyl planks could fit underneath. This is a solid oak piece so pulling out the nails would be difficult.  We chose to loosen the threshold slightly so we could pull out the old flooring and slide the new flooring underneath.  The small crowbar along with my Craftsmen Multi-Tool were a big help.  We also sliced the old linoleum about one inch parallel to the threshold which helped us to pull out the smaller pieces of old flooring.

Here you can see the old flooring coming up.  A few patches of adhesive had to be scraped off to make a smooth surface and a good vacuuming afterwards cleaned up all the bits!

The first piece was measured and cut using the multi-tool with the blade attachment.  The vinyl planks cut easily, in fact we just had to score it with the multi-tool, snap it and cut the backing with a utility knife. It slide under the threshold and the door trim perfectly!  You will also see that we ran the planks in the same direction as our existing oak flooring.

This template tool was handy for working around areas that needed special measurements.  It is used by making the needed adjustments around the corner of a wall, tightening the screws and then transferring to the plank that will go in that spot.  Remember, measure twice and cut once!

A straight edge like this orange one will ensure a straight cut.

Perfect fit!  You can also see the long end with a lip – that will lock in the opposing side of the next plank.

We continued all the way to the exterior wall of the bathroom where the toilet is.  That area was a bit more challenging since with the plumbing opening and the water connection were there.  My husband eyeballed the cut by laying the plank directly on top of the larger hole and tracing around the best he could to trace out the circle.  The spot with the water connection was easier – he just slid the plank up to the connection making sure the other end of the plank was against the wall, and marked the spot that needed to be cut.  Using a pencil on the vinyl is the best choice for marking because it comes off very easily.

Hubby reinstalled the baseboard trim after I lighting sanded and re-stained it.  Doing this simple step made the trim look new again!  He also installed a vinyl quarter round trim at the base of the tub using Gorilla Glue Sealant that has adhesive qualities. I spray painted the quarter round in almond to match the tub first!

It is amazing how a couple of hours of work and only about $50 can change the look of a room!  We are so happy with how the bathroom turned out.  Like I mentioned earlier in this post, we will be doing the same to our master bathroom.  I will be sure and post when it is finished!  For now, I am off to the store for new rugs!

Thanks for stopping by for this easy floor remodel project!  I hope it was helpful for you.  Feel free to pin this post for your future floor projects!  I would love to know if you plan on remodeling any of your bathroom floors!  Any questions about the process?  Be sure and ask in the comments below!







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  1. What a quality, beautifully done job! Laughed aloud at the hair dye stain, and was tickled with the tool tip for measuring tricky pieces. So pretty!

    1. Cynthia Gayle says:

      Thanks so much! And thanks for commenting!