welcome to my best blogging resources

Over the last five years of blogging, I have used many blogging tools that have helped to grow my blog. Some of those blogging tools were not as helpful as others!

So I’ve gathered all of the best tools I have used to grow my blog, audience, and skills!

Maybe you are considering starting a blog of your own and don’t know where to start!

This resource page is meant to help you on your blogging journey. I’m so glad you are looking to grow and expand your blog!

The following post may contain affiliate links. That means if you click and then buy something, I will make a small commission at no additional cost to you! Thank you for supporting my blog. full disclosure here.


Photography Skills

One of the best things I learned to do was to capture beautiful images for my readers. I have a story to tell and my images are one of the best ways to tell that story.

Whether you are sharing a step-by-step DIY tutorial, making a delicious recipe, describing a beautiful clothing outfit, or sharing your lovely home decor inspiration, photos are worth 1000 words!

This e-book will teach you how to capture gorgeous images for your blog. Your readers will appreciate it so much!

Restored 316

Beautiful Themes

Your blogging theme is so important. Think of the theme, or the layout of your blog posts and pages, as a first impression to your readers.

It’s like being in your favorite, beautifully and well-organized store. You just want to stay and see all that the store has to offer.

Having an easy-to-navigate blog is essential for any blogger. Especially if you want your readers to stick around!

BTW, I currently use Sage from Restored 316, isn’t it beautiful and easy to use?

rank iq

SEO for your Blog

You are creating content that is amazing. You are capturing images that are beautiful. You know your target audience. You are writing what they want to know about.

All this is true, right? One factor is missing and I missed this point for the first 3 years of blogging.

Those readers can’t find your amazing post with your amazing images and the amazing content you have created.

Rank IQ is an SEO tool that will guide you toward using the right words to reach your target audience. It’s a serious game-changer for any blogger who wants to be found on Google!


WordPress Backend

Have you struggled with backend problems on your blog? If you have blogged long enough, then the answer is a loud ‘YES!’

Blogging is hard enough without having to worry about the issues that can come up on any given day!

That’s where iMarkInteractive comes in. Their team can fix any problem that arises usually within a few hours of contacting them.

I have used the services they offer for the last couple of years and have even signed up for a monthly plan.


Gorgeous emails

Send beautiful emails to your subscribers the fast way by using Flodesk.

Create links alongside beautiful images to entice your subscribers to head over to your blog posts!

Flodesk also includes some of the prettiest fonts that can look like a signature! They are my fave!

The emails are so easy to create and customize. Your email subscribers will look forward to opening emails from you!


Blog Hosting

Your blog is only as good as your hosting service. It’s like eating food – you can either eat all the junk food and enjoy the cheap price tag and feel horrible.

Or you can choose healthy foods, feel great, have energy, and reap the benefits of healthy eating habits.

Blog hosting is just like that. BigScoots offers the healthy version of blog hosting that will make your blog feel and behave amazingly!

My Camera Gear

You might be interested in the gear I use to photograph all of the tutorials we offer here at Reinvented Delaware. If you have any questions about any of the camera equipment, just let me know!