Scroll Work Dresser in MMS Arabesque Milk Paint

Today I am sharing a quick furniture makeover project that I finished a couple of weeks ago! It was my first time using MMS Arabesque Milk Paint! I said it’s going to be quick so let’s get to it!

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support local ministries

Hubby and I like to donate items to our local Teen Challenge Thrift Store. It is a ministry that helps those with addiction problems who want to break free. We have known people with success stories, which is one way we like to support them. We also like to shop there because we can find some interesting items.

Like this scroll work tall dresser, it could have been a lingerie dresser because of its size, tallish, and not too wide. But it could also be a dresser for a little girl.

easy fix

The top was made from a cheap piece of plywood and was sagging. It needed to be replaced. I ripped off the damaged top and headed to Lowes!

They had the perfect piece of pine in the width I needed. The dresser top would look best with about a 1″ overhang on the front and on the sides. After measuring and marking, I used my Craftsman Circular Saw to cut off the end!

The edges of the board were sharp so I used a piece of sandpaper to smooth them. I also lightly sanded the top. I attached the top to the dresser by flipping the dresser upside down onto the top. Then with screws and my power drill, I attached the top. Easy fix!

choosing the color

The next step was to paint the piece. The scroll work on the dresser is so feminine I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Arabesque. I have had the package of paint sitting on the shelf and was just waiting for the perfect project!

The dresser had bright pink paint on the scroll work and honestly, it was a poor paint job. I didn’t want the neon pink to show through at all so I applied two coats of General Finishes Stain Blocker to the whole piece.

After the first coat of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint was on, I was so glad I applied the Stain Blocker! I am sure the bright pink would have come through unless I painted 3-4 coats of milk paint! The Stain Blocker saved the amount of milk paint I had to use plus it evened out the color before applying the milk paint.

The two coats of MMS Arabesque Milk Paint went on beautifully! The Stain Blocker helped the milk paint crackle and I just love that! The milk paint also chipped beautifully since I didn’t use any bonding agent.

the perfect dress-up dresser!

I really love how this piece turned out! It would make the perfect dress-up dresser filled with all the fun stuff to play dress-up, don’t you think?

protect the finish

Oops, I almost forgot to mention that I applied two coats of General Finishes High-Performance Top Coat in Flat. It enhances the color and adds protection to the finish.

I used an artist’s paintbrush to apply the paint and the top coat around the scroll work designs. The small size paint brush doesn’t hold a lot of the paint and that helps to control the paint from running out of control.

Now, look at her!! Isn’t she adorable?? The scroll work that looked garish now looks so elegant!

perfect color: Arabesque

Some little one would love to have this tall dresser in their bedroom! I mean doesn’t every little girl like a dress-up dresser? Especially in this gorgeous Arabesque Milk Paint?

The color is a sophisticated shade of pink so it would also be suitable for a pre-teen or teenager. Heck, I would love to have it in my own bedroom for my jammies!

thanks for stopping by!

Well, that’s it for this quick furniture makeover! I told you it would be a fast one! I have a ton of computer work I have been catching up on for over a week now and I need to get back to it!

Thanks for stopping by for this adorable transformation using Arabesque Milk Paint! Hope you are able to find a local thrift store and support their cause!

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  1. I REALLY like the Arabesque color on this unique piece!
    We, too, support Teen Challenge and believe it’s one of the most effective treatment programs available because it includes Jesus! Absolutely love your blog layout and gorgeous photos.

    1. Cynthia Gayle says:

      Teen Challenge is such a great ministry and I believe it is because they teach about Jesus and how He can change lives???? Hope you get to try the paint sometime! I have provided Amazon links in the “Shop My Workshop” tab! Blessings to you Jaimee!!