How to Restore Old Wood Furniture

Do you want to know how to restore old wood furniture? In this series, I will take you step-by-step through the process!

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Pinterest graphic with text overlay 'restore old wood furniture' with the restored desk in the background and a small image of before the restoration.

DIY furniture restoration

Restoring old wood furniture doesn’t have to be hard. Especially when the piece is already in fairly good condition like this drop-down secretary desk.

It started out as a piece I had planned on painting.

Until one of my Instagram followers spotted it in the background while I was recording an IG story about something completely different and messaged me. She wanted this piece for her home

So the decision to restore the old wood on this piece of furniture was made.

I knew that I wanted to show you a detailed, step-by-step tutorial for this project, so I have gathered links to each post just for you!

Antique fold down secretary desk before being restored.

prep furniture for restoration

The first step in restoring old wood furniture is to clean it. I used a solution of Simple Green and hot water. You can see the full process by clicking the button below:

There are a few more steps to prepping wood furniture, so be sure to read the step-by-step process in that post.

Lady scrubbing an antique fold down secretary desk for a tutorial on restoring old wood furniture.

restore old furniture without stripping

In that post, you will also see how to restore old furniture like this stained, oak drop-down secretary desk without using a stripper. Chemical strippers can be harsh on your skin and in your lungs. I have some methods that don’t require strippers.

You can see more of the process of this furniture restoration in the post below. Just click the button!

Lady sanding a fold down secretary desk as on of the steps in a tutorial called Restore Old Wood Furniture.

repair broken wood furniture

While the sanding is being done on the antique furniture, you are bound to see some areas that need to be repaired.

This adorable fold-down secretary desk was no exception. It had two major areas that needed to be repaired.

You might not have these exact repairs on the piece you are currently working on, but knowing how to make these types of repairs will be a great addition to your library of repair methods.

Seeing other repairs can also help you to come up with a creative way to repair your particular piece.

A fold down secretary desk with graphic arrow showing the repair that is needed to fix this old wood piece of furniture.
A drop down secretary desk laying on a workbench and a lady pointing at the broken drawer that needs to be repaired.

more furniture repair techniques

Here are a few more posts showing how to repair broken wood furniture! Just click the image to see the post.

how do you make old wood look new again

Somehow, I didn’t manage to get a shot of the drop-down desk when I applied the top coat, but I used the same method on this dining table top that we restored a few years back. You can see how we did that by clicking the button below.

restore wood furniture

Taking the time to restore wood furniture is a passion for my hubby and me. We really love the idea of breathing new life into old wood furniture instead of throwing it into the trash heap.

And we are so happy when our clients, followers, and readers like you enjoy the process too!

The interior of antique oak fold down desk that has been restored. Stacks of vintage books and a notebook are sititng on top. An ironstone pitcher is sitting on the shelf.

revive old wood furniture

I hope you have enjoyed this post where I have gathered the links for you to see that you can restore old wood furniture for your own home!

So, let me encourage you to go out to the thrift stores, the yard sales, the auctions or golly, maybe even your grandma’s house and find these beautiful pieces that just need a little TLC.

We’ll be here to help you the best we can through our tutorials. If you have a question about a specific repair, feel free to ask and we will do our best to help you!

Comment below or send us an email using our contact page. Here is a link to that form!

The full view of restored antique oak fold down desk with a chair sitting next to it.

restore old wood furniture

Here are the links to the full tutorial for this fold-down secretary desk. Just click the image to head over to the post!

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Pinterest graphic with text overlay 'restore old wood furniture' with the restored desk in the background and a small image of before the restoration.

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  1. This is such a great post. Full of detailed information. Definitely pinning and bookmarking for the future.

    1. Thanks Anna! I tried to gather the more detailed posts together so hopefully others can find the information 🙂

  2. I always enjoy seeing your furniture makeovers. The desk is a beautiful piece.
    Pinned. 🙂 xo 😘

    1. Thank you Do! This oak piece was one of my favorites to refinish! 🥰