Vintage School Cart Upcycle

Did you have a vintage school cart that was popular in science classes back in school? Let’s give them a new purpose with this upcycle!

full view of upcycled metal school cart showing reclaimed lumber wood shelves staged with ironstone dishes, candle and silverware

vintage school cart

A simple Google search will show you many vintage metal school carts. The carts were used mostly in science classes – at least that how I remember them.

Our junior high and high schools had a science department. I especially remember my junior year in high school.

As with most other kids my age, I chose a class that my best friend was taking.

And it happened to be Anatomy.

reclaimed lumber on upcycled metal cart with dog in the background

Totally naive to what we might being studying and doing for the hands on learning, I signed up.

We did the usual type of hands-on assignments like dissecting a frog and even a worm! Agh!!

detail of reclaimed lumber on upcycled metal cart

you won’t believe our assignment!

In a way, I guess all that prepared me for the final exam science experiment.

Believe me, I was not prepared!

I’m even hesitating to say what it was so I will say it a bit ‘softer.’

side view of upcycled school cart showing reclaimed lumber shelves styled with dishes and candle

This little piggie went to market.

This little piggie stayed home.

This little piggie had roast beef.

This little piggie had none.

And this little piggie went, ‘weee, weee, weee’ all the way…..

….well, you know where I’m going with this.

downward view of repurposed school cart staged with ironstone dishes and candle

reclaimed lumber

Anyway, you can see why we got rid of the metal shelves on this school cart!

Hubby has a shed full of reclaimed industrial pallet wood that we use for various projects. So he decided the reclaimed oak would be the perfect substitute for the metal shelves.

full view of upcycled school cart styled with ironstone dishes and candle

creative uses

Now this repurposed vintage school cart can be used as a small kitchen island or a bar cart.

Using it next to the grill for outdoor cooking would be a great use of this cart too!

The casters help to place this heavy and sturdy cart anywhere you need it!

close up of reclaimed lumber shelves on upcycle school cart

your ideas??

What do you think of this repurposed vintage school cart? I am loving the practicality of it. The reclaimed oak wood and the metal legs look so good together!

How would you use this cart? Let me know your thoughts and ideas in the comments!

In the meantime, pass the bacon. 😉

repurposed school cart with ironstone dishes on shelves

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  1. Love this reclaied school cart! If it was up to Jim and I, we would be still disinfecting the metal shelves. thinking it would be a cool bar cart for a industrial rustic room

  2. Anna Price says:

    These carts are perfect for small spaces. They can be multi functional. (Hello NYC living) I love the wooden shelves. Gorgeous!

  3. Cheryl r Atkinson says:

    Another makeover I love. This would be a great coffee bar or even a place for your craft supplies. Thank goodness for hubbies. I think I need one of those. Haha

    1. Cynthia Gayle says:

      This would be a great coffee bar for sure! I love that idea! Thanks for popping in!