How to Make DIY Pine Cone Flowers for a Timeless Bouquet

Are you looking for some adorable handmade pine cone flowers to add to your table this spring? This easy nature craft is perfect for you!

These painted pine cones are one of my very favorite projects. Although we normally think of pine cone decor around the holidays, they can really be used year-round! These pine cone roses are a perfect centerpiece to display for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day,or Easter. 

You can even paint these DIY pinecone flowers with gold, white, or jewel tones for a stunning winter pine cone project. They’re gorgeous all year long! 

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Pinterest graphic with text overlay "pine cone flowers for spring decorating" with an image of pine cone flowers in an ironstone pitcher.

how to make pine cone flowers: step-by-step instructions

Let’s go over the supplies you will need for this pine cone flower craft. Many of these supplies are easy to find, and you may even have some tucked away in a cabinet or cupboard somewhere.

If there are any supplies you can’t find at home, the links below are available for your shopping convenience.

Supplies for pine cone table decorations project laid out on a work surface.

list of supplies:


Using the pointed floral clippers, cut the pine cones into about 3-4 sections creating pine cone flowers. This step is messy, so be prepared to clean up with your shop vac!

how to mix milk paint

Milk paint is easy to mix using a one-to-one ratio of water and dry milk paint. You can use Milk Mix EZ to reduce the foaming that can happen with milk paint. If you stir the paint slowly, you won’t have much problem with foaming.

An ice cube tray is a perfect container to mix small amounts of milk paint. You’ll only need one teaspoon of milk paint to one teaspoon of water. Add the water first, then the milk paint. If you let it sit for a minute or so, the milk paint will absorb the water, and mixing will be easy!

how to paint pine cones to look like flowers

These detailed instructions will help you make beautiful flowers people won’t even be able to tell are from pine cones! You can paint them in the colors of your choice to fit your color scheme or to make different flowers for different holidays!

step one: cut apart the pine cones

BTW, I started using the regular wire cutters to cut the pine cones, as you see below. Take my word for it; the pointed floral clippers linked above in the supplies list work much better!

Close up of lady cutting a pine cone to make a pine cone floral arrangement.

step two: mix your paint together 

After cutting all of your pine cone flowers, stir the paint and grab your artist’s paintbrush! And prepare to be a little messy. Holding the pine cones while you paint them gets your fingertips covered in paint!

But Joanna Gaines says that in the kitchen if you are not making a mess, you are not having fun!

Let’s use the same mindset with this project, ok? 😊

Paint as many pine cone flowers as you need in a variety of colors. Separate some of the pine cone petals and paint them in Layla’s Mint (green) to represent leaves for the floral stems.

step three: prepare the stems

Once you have painted all of your pine cone flowers, it’s time to assemble them. Cut the 18 gauge wire stem in half with heavy wire cutters creating about 8-9″ lengths.

step four: assemble the painted pine cone flowers

You might want to watch this step in the video towards the end of this post. Basically, you are going to thread the thin brown wire through some of the pine cone petals and then wrap the thin wire around the 18 gauge wire stem.

Twist the thin wire down the stem to the next spot where you want to add a flower, thread the thin wire through the petals and then wrap the wire on the stem again.

Three flowers fit the flower stem well if you place them 2- 2/12″ apart. The top bloom should sit directly on top of the stem. You might have to use some hot glue to hold it there.

Pile of painted pine cone flowers in spring pastel colors for a pine cone table decoractions blog post.

step five: make a DIY pine cone bouquet

Once all of the pine cone flowers are secured to the stems, bend them slightly to create a more natural-looking flower stem.

Then grab the container you want your arrangement in – I used an ironstone pitcher – add a piece of floral foam inside the pitcher and cover it with floral moss to hide the foam. A vintage floral frog would work great for these delicate flowers, too.

Floral arranging is not my strong suit, that’s for sure! Fortunately, the free-form aesthetic is popular! When you add your floral stems to the foam, arrange them how you see best, bending the stems as you need to.

So, what do you think? Isn’t this pine cone table centerpiece perfect for spring? This sweet little arrangement is sitting on our $2 communion table in the kitchen currently, and it makes me smile every time I pass through the kitchen.

Simple decor like this is my favorite. How about you? Do you like simple decor for your home?

BTW, that table will be painted in the next few weeks – sign up for our email so you don’t miss it!

decorating with pine cones

You can make so many projects with pine cones, but most of them are Christmas or winter-themed. That’s one of the cool things about these pine cone table decorations – these floral stems are intended for spring and summer!

Here’s another great thing about these pine cone flowers – change the paint colors for different seasons! Can’t you see these in all the fall colors that mums come in?

And for winter?? They could be painted in a variety of whites and add a little glitter! That sounds like another post!

Lady holding green floral moss, ironstone pitcher and supplies lying on the work surface for pine cone table decorations.

DIY pine cone table decor centerpiece

There was a lot of pine cone flowers leftover and they had to be used up. You will never believe what the sphere is made from!

It’s a balled-up piece of heavy craft paper covered in floral moss! My craft cabinet was empty in the styrofoam ball department!

Isn’t this pine cone topiary adorable? And it cost next to nothing – pine cones from my yard, a stick from my yard, leftover moss from several projects, and hot glue!

Btw, my hubby hand-carved the wooden bowl it sits in. He makes them in his workshop in the evenings after work. Isn’t is gorgeous??

Pine cone table decorations example of a pine cone floral arrangement in an ironstone pitcher on a table.
Pine cone table decorations example of a pine cone topiary sitting on a table.

how to decorate pine cones for spring

If you love decorating pine cones, incorporate them in your decor all year round! My favorite way to use pine cones in the spring is to make these hand painted pine cone flowers and paint them in a bunch of different colors.

They can also be attached to a spring pine cone wreath, or you can make a topiary like the design above!


do you need to bake pine cones for crafting?

My pine cones were collected last Christmas from our yard and sat in a box in my garage for a year before making anything with them. If you collect pine cones for this project, you should take some time to clean your pine cones to get rid of the little critters that can live inside. Just soak them in a sink of water with about half a cup of white vinegar, then bake them at 200 degrees on a tray for 2-4 hours or until fully dried before using them in your DIY project. 

how do you make flowers with pine cones?

There are two techniques to make the perfect pine cone flowers. My favorite technique requires you to remove the individual petal-sized pieces of the pine cones and then paint them before adding them to a wire stem. They are moldable and look surprisingly realistic!

Another option is to cut the pine cones in half, then paint the pine cone bottoms to look like zinnias and the tops to look like pretty daisies. Then, attach them to a wooden skewer with a glue gun. This technique is faster and works well especially if you want a fun craft for kids, but the first method looks like something you’d buy from an upscale home decor shop.

more ideas with pine cones

If you love decorating with pine cones, be sure to save these pine cone projects for the holiday season:

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Cheap DIY Farmhouse-Style Christmas Ornaments 

How to Make a Twig Wreath with Sparkly Pinecones 

Simple Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

more inspiring posts!

Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint has been used a lot in our workshop over the years. Here are two furniture makeovers that are popular on Pinterest.

flower pine cone table decorations

Did you enjoy this pine cone table decoration tutorial? Let me know in the comments if you would like to make these florals for your home! What kind of container will you put your floral arrangement in? Tell me about it in the comments – I would love to hear your plans!

Close up of pine cone table decorations example of pine cone floral arrangement in an ironstone pitcher.

DIY pine cone flowers YouTube video

Some of us like to watch projects unfold before our eyes, so here is the video I made for you about this colorful pine cone craft!

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel while you are over there. We make a new video each week!

youtube video graphic with text overlay DIY pinecone flowers

Pin the image below to your home decor and spring decorating boards! Just click the pin button at the top left corner!

pinterest graphic with text overlay DIY pinecone flowers

DIY Pine Cone Flowers

Make these adorable handmade pine cone flowers to add to your table this season. These easy DIY pine cone flowers can be made in any color for any season!
Prep Time30 minutes
Active Time1 hour
Total Time1 hour 30 minutes
Author: Cindy


  • Miss Mustard Seed’s� Milk Paint – Shop


  • pine cones one pine cone makes 3 flowers; mine are from my yard
  • paper-covered 18 gauge craft wire 18″ long not exactly what I found at my local Walmart – check your Walmart for the exact wire I used!
  • thin brown craft wire
  • pointed floral clippers
  • heavy wire cutters
  • artist paintbrush
  • floral foam
  • floral moss
  • Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in the following colors:
  • Bergere
  • Dried Lavender
  • Arabesque
  • Mustard Seed Yellow
  • Layla’s Mint


  • Cut apart the pine cones using pointed floral clippers. Cut each pine cone in 3-4 flower-like sections.
  • Mix the milk paint and allow it to sit for a few minutes to allow the dry paint to absorb the water. No need to mix if you are using pre-mixed paint. Paint the pine cones in a variety of colors to match the season.
  • Prepare the stems by cutting the heavy 18 gauge wire with heavy wire cutters into 8-9" lengths.
  • Assemble the flowers by wrapping the thin craft wire through the petals of the pine cones and then around the heavy gauge stems. Wrap enough to secure the pine cone flowers firmly.
  • Make as many flower stems as you need and use them to make a free-form floral arrangement.



Change the colors of your paint to match your seasonal decor. These pine cone flowers are lovely in fall colors like yellows, amber, and deep red. They are also beautiful in winter using shades of white and pale blue.
The DIY pine cone flowers can also be used to make wreaths! All you have to do is eliminate the stems!
Get creative and paint some pine cone flowers!

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  1. Hi Cindy! I am totally smitten with this cute idea. Pine cones are my go item to decorate with all year around and now I have another way to repurpose them. Thanks for sharing this beautiful diy decor idea. Pinned X2 because it’s phenomenal.
    xo, Do 😘

    1. Aren’t pine cones the best?? So glad you enjoyed the post and thank you so much for pinning two times!! I appreciate it my friend!

  2. How smart to create a bouquet with pinecones! Love this idea, and the colors you chose are so pretty!

    1. Aren’t they fun to work with? So glad you enjoyed the post Julie!

    1. Omgoodness, thank you so much! Blogging is alot of work but so rewarding 😊

    2. Thus fantastic. I have seen these as Zinnias before. For me these soft colors are perfect.

      Pinned and now I’m going to try this idea!

      1. The pine cone flowers could be painted for any season! That’s what I love about them 😊 Happy crafting Cindy!

  3. I LOVE the colors you chose for this project. I am so inspired to try this at home. Thank you for sharing another wonderful idea with your readers.

    1. So glad you enjoyed the project, Anna! Thanks for stopping by! 😊

  4. Cindy, this is a really great craft project. Love the flowers and how you created it out of pinecones. Pinned!

    1. Thanks for pinning Tammy! 🥰

  5. GENIUS!!! These are BEAUTIFUL, Cindy!!! Man, you are SO creative. I’m obsessed with these. You have them styled so lovely.

    1. Thanks Rachel! I’m excited to make more for other seasons 😊

  6. Thanks, Cindy, for posting this project using pine cones. I have quite a few that I have used in various ways but have always wanted to make flowers from some without being able to quite figure out how to put them together. The suggestion for the pointed floral clippers is really what I needed. My clippers are short and I’ve tried to use them with much frustration and no success! I’ve placed my order for the pointed ones and now look forward to adding some new “flowers” to my areas.

    1. The pointed floral clippers were a game-changer for this project! I tried using regular wire cutters and they made a mess! So glad you enjoyed this project – if you make them for your home, email me a picture! I would love to see them 😊