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Have you hopped on the diy boho painted furniture trend? If you love boho furniture and home decor & you love to paint, this post is for you!

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diy boho painted furniture tutorial

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Pinterest graphic with text overlay Boho Table makeover.

Vintage farmhouse home decor is still my favorite style and the aesthetic I aim for in my own home even though the trend is headed toward boho home decor and furniture. In my vendor booth, I have made over a couple of pieces that could be considered boho and our customers have bought those pieces quickly.

So when I saw this little table at my local thrift store (or maybe hubby brought it home from a recent auction?? I can’t remember!) Anyway, whenever I saw this little mid-century style side table, I knew it would be a perfect candidate for a DIY boho-painted furniture makeover!

mid-century table before boho makeover.

Let’s chat about supplies for this painted furniture makeover. You’ll need just a few supplies and a little time, especially if the table is in good condition like the one I have.

list of supplies:

thrift store makeover

The first step is to thoroughly clean the piece. Dixie Belle makes an amazing cleaner called White Lightning. It is a heavy-duty cleaner that removes dirt and grime. You can see how to use this cleaner by clicking THIS LINK.

After the piece was cleaned and completely dry, it was time to paint! I love this part of every project 🙂 This small synthetic brush was perfect for this table because there are so many small, narrow areas to paint. A big brush would have been too much!

French Linen is the color that matched the peel and stick wallpaper I chose. BTW, I ordered the peel and stick wallpaper first and then the paint. Later in this post, I will share some other peel and stick wallpaper choices from Amazon. There are so many lovely wallpapers in this world!

Two coats of French Linen covered this table perfectly. I love the coverage Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint offers!

Lady painting diy boho painted furniture with Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint.

how to use peel and stick wallpaper

This little mid-century side table has a recessed area that I knew would look so good with wallpaper. So I cut a rough measurement larger than the area to make it easier to work with. I laid the factory edge alongside the straight edge of the table and then on the opposite side used my fingernail to crease the paper. I carefully cut that crease with scissors.

To apply the paper, lay it out so that it fits the area, peel back a couple of inches to get it started, and stick the paper down carefully. Then flip the paper over and pull off more of the backing, smoothing the right side of the peel and stick wallpaper as you go.

Handy tip: Keep the Backing On!

Resist the temptation to pull off all of the backing paper!! It is easier to manage the peel and stick wallpaper if you only peel back small amounts at a time!

second-hand furniture makeover

Using peel and stick wallpaper is a great way to give second-hand furniture a makeover. The surface of this little mid-century piece was scratched and the finish was worn off because of use. I could have sanded the piece down to get it smooth again but the peel and stick wallpaper was a more creative way to cover the old finish.

To prep the top surface, I scuffed it a wee bit with a fine-grit sanding sponge and then painted it before applying the wallpaper.

Once I had all of the paper down, I used my finger to crease the wallpaper and then a sharp blade in my Exacto knife to cut off the excess.

Can you see the little bump that I am pointing at in the image below? There were two or three spots that had teeny-tiny pieces of lint that I missed when laying down the peel and stick wallpaper. I just used my finger to press down and smooth them out the best I could and it looks just fine. That’s one of those mistakes only I will notice!

Lady showing bubble on peel and stick wallpaper applied to a diy boho painted furniture makeover.

how to wax painted furniture

Dixie Belle offers a great wax to use on painted furniture. A chip brush came in handy to brush on the wax on all of the small areas on this piece. Then I used a soft cloth to lightly buff the painted surfaces.

Waxing the chalk mineral paint leaves it feeling so smooth and has a flat finish.

Can of Dixie Belle Wax sitting on top of diy boho painted furniture makeover.

thrift store DIY

What do you think of the wallpaper? Isn’t it so pretty?? The leaf design has the boho look I was going for with this piece but I think this little table could be used in most homes. The neutral colors would look good in any room!

This little side table could also be used as a Cricut stand. The Cricut I am borrowing from my daughter would fit perfectly on the top and then I could store rolls of vinyl on the shelf below.

Top view of table makeover showing peel and stick wallpaper for a diy boho painted furniture tutorial.

peel and stick wallpaper

Here are a few more ideas for peel and stick wallpaper for you! I used the second from the left but I have most of these on hand for other projects! You can see one of those projects HERE.

Full view of diy boho painted furniture mid century side table with peel and stick wallpaper.

more inspiring posts!

I’ve gathered a couple of side table makeovers just for you! See the little round tables? I made them over twice! Be sure to let me know which one you like best!

boho table makeover uses

What would you use this mid-century boho painted table for in your home? Would you put it next to a side chair to hold your current book and a cup of coffee? Would you use it as a nightstand in a little girl’s room or maybe a teen girl’s room?

So many uses for this sweet little table! Comment below and let me know how you would use this piece of DIY boho painted furniture piece in your home!

Staged mid centure side table makeover in diy boho painted furniture tutorial with peel and stick wallpaper.

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Pinerest graphic with text overlay Boho Table Makeover for DIY Boho Painted Furniture tutorial.

thrift store decor team

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  1. I really like the French Linen color on this little table. The peel and stick wall paper was such a great touch.

    1. Peel and stick paper is fast becoming one of my favorite supplies for upcycling! Thanks for stopping by Meagan!

    1. Thanks Lynne! Have a great week!

  2. I mean…can you ever really have too many MCM side tables? Lovely makeover, my friend. As usual!

    1. There are never too many tables in my book Sue! Thanks for the kind words!

  3. I love the color of the paint that you chose for this cute table! The wallpaper was the perfect touch on top. Love it!

    1. I think so too Rachel! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. This is such a beautiful makeover! The white linen mixed with the wallpaper is just perfect, such a beautiful piece!

    1. Thanks, Kristin! I’m thrilled with how it turned out!

  5. Such a beautiful makeover! I definitely want to play with wallpaper again now!

    1. You’ll love using it, Maryann! It looks great on serving trays too!

  6. Another fabulous upcycle! It looks nothing like the before pic! I love that you used peel and stick wallpaper on the top! Happy day! Donna

    1. Thanks, Donna! Have a great day!

  7. I love that French Linen color. So pretty on that table!

    1. It’s a lovely neutral color that is becoming one of my faves!

  8. Such a great post Cindy! I love how your repurposed this little table and the peel and stick wallpaper is perfect.

    1. Thanks, Anna, I love using peel and stick wallpaper! There are so many options!

  9. I love the addition of the wallpaper to this project, Cindy! Totally inspired! It makes it something really unique and so pretty!

    1. The wallpaper is fun to work with too Janet! Thanks for stopping by today!

  10. I love the way this table came together, Cindy! The color and paper you chose are just beautiful. Love the way you styled everything too. It feels so warm and inviting. Hugs, CoCo

    1. Boho style is so popular right now – this was definitely out of my comfort zone 🙂 Have a great day Coco!

    1. Thanks, Tammy! Dixie Belle makes it all so easy! 🥰