Country Style Hutch Makeover

Remember all the hand built pine furniture of the 1980’s? It was at all the craft shows – nightstands, small tables, coffee tables…..even dining room hutches! Today, I want to share with you a country style hutch makeover!

The Backstory

We purchased this hutch from a thrift store at least ten years ago. It had a orangey/yellow pine finish and I knew I wanted to paint it right away. It also had doors on the upper and lower sections. I loved the open shelving look back then and I still do so the doors came off! I actually saved them for another project – I will share that in a future post!

This hutch was going to live in our bedroom and I wanted it to have some contrast so I painted it a lovely green. I can’t remember the exact color – that was years ago but keep reading for a hint of the color!

Change of Plans

We decided to add this piece to our available inventory at Wilderlove when we sold several large furniture pieces in a span of about two days. Our space was a bit empty and I needed to fill it so I shopped our home ;).

General Finishes Milk Paint in Linen is one of my go-to colors for furniture. Neutral colors are pretty popular right now.

You will notice the hardware is a bit unusual. The drawers came with wooden knobs which were kinda plain. I dug around in our hardware stash and found these two door knob cover plates. Solid brass and gorgeous! I just added the wooden knobs using the door knob hole that was already in the cover plate.

The hutch was purchased and the customer wanted it a different style and color. She loves black, distressed furniture with dark wood tops. We aim to please so the cabinet came back to our place for it’s third makeover!

A Fresh Start

First up was to remove the paint on the top of the bottom section. This hutch comes in two pieces so we lifted off the top section and applied Ready-Strip to the top of the bottom section I love this product for removing layers of paint. It doesn’t have the fumes and smell of traditional paint strippers and is not nearly as messy!

To protect the bottom half of the hutch, I used newspaper and green Frog Tape. The Ready Strip is green and goopy. Any splattering that might occur would not bother the paint underneath the newspaper.

I applied a fairly heavy coat on the top of the bottom half of the cabinet and let it sit overnight.

After sitting all night, I started to remove the paint layer by carefully pushing the paint scraper away from my body. Be careful when doing this step, especially with pine furniture. Pine is a fairly soft wood and it can be gouged easily.

Here you can see the two finishes before painting it the Linen color. I still love that green!

Tip for Easy Cleanup

Here is a tip when scraping off old paint: put a trash can at the opposite end of where you are scraping. Remember I said I scrape away from my body? I scrape right into the trash can which makes clean up a bit easier! The Ready-Strip dries to a sort of chalky/dry/thick paste so scraping is not too messy!

After the scraping was finished, I wiped down the surface with mineral spirits and a micro-fiber cloth.

A Bit of Sanding

Sanding is next. Most of the paint was removed by the Ready-Strip but some sanding is still necessary. I used my DeWalt Orbital Sander and started out with 100 grit sandpaper. Two sheets of sandpaper later, the rest of the paint and stain was removed.

Sanding with a higher grit sand paper will smooth out the swirls marks. I sanded back to 150 grit and then a light hand sanding using a worn down sanding sponge in the direction of the grain.

Staining the Top

Our customer wanted the top of the bottom section stained in a dark walnut. General Finishes Wood Stain is my stain of choice. Once it was completely dried, I applied two coats of General Finishes High Performance Top Coat in Flat. The flat finish of this top coat resembles a hand rubbed finish with the durability of polyurethane.

Ta-Da! The Cabinet is Painted!

I know I completely skipped the painting step for this project!! Where’s that camera and tripod when I need it!! Anyway…..doesn’t the wood stained top look good?

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Typewriter covered the linen color perfectly! MMS Hemp oil adds a gorgeous depth to the chalky finish of the paint and seals it with an authentic look that vintage furniture has.

The vintage door knob cover plates look amazing next to the black!

Easy to Style

Styling this hutch was easy using ironstone pitchers, vintage books and a hand made, lidded bowl that my hubby reinvented from leftover firewood!

I love the distressing on this piece – see bits of the original wood, green and linen colors??

A Place for Everything

The vintage suitcases on the bottom bring a simple storage solution to this hutch. Store items like linens and even paper products so they can’t be seen!

Isn’t she a beauty?? The milk paint in Typewriter updates this country style perfectly! Gotta say, our customer has great taste!

Country Style Hutch Makeover Furniture | Farmhouse Style

There you have it – a country style hutch makeover! You can take just about any piece of furniture and bring it into today’s current farmhouse trend with a bit of effort and of course, some paint!

I Would Love to Hear from You!

Do you have any 1980’s style furniture that needs to be brought into the current farmhouse trend? I would love to hear about what needs a makeover at your house! Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Okay… I actually love painted white furniture, but this really does look best in black! 😉 Great job, Cindy!

    1. Cynthia Gayle says:

      Thanks Julie! I am partial to lighter colors….usually. But the contrast black brings to a room is awesome too!

  2. Wanda Stewart says:

    This Customer was certainly lucky to have found this piece and to have you refinish it…The results are fantastic.

    Awesome job

    Thanks so much for sharing


    1. Cynthia Gayle says:

      Wanda, I am it puts a smile on my face to know you are pleased with your hutch!! And thanks so much for letting us refinish it for you ?

  3. This is beautiful, Cindy! I still like how black looks on specific pieces, and this hutch indeed wears the color well. I love how the linen and green peak through in the distressed areas. I love the doorknob plate paired with the wooden doorknobs. Such a creative idea! And you tip on scraping right into a trash can – brilliant! I have my grandma’s vintage hutch that I want to do something to. It isn’t painted but has an old shellac finish. I’m wondering if the Ready Strip will work on stripping that off or if it’s just for stripping paint? I’m working on getting my nerve up to paint it.

    On another note – I googled where you are in Deleware, and you’re about 5 hours from us. I mentioned to Pete that it would be fun to take a weekend trip up that way sometime and visit your shop. 🙂

    1. Cynthia Gayle says:

      Hi Kim! Thanks so much for your encouraging words! This was a fun piece to work on and our client is so happy with it! According to https://www.sunnysidecorp.com/product.php?p=r&b=b&n=658G1 (that is the company that makes Ready Strip) it will remove shellac. The site recommends using Ready Strip Plus. I suggest you give this a try. It can be a tough decision to paint a vintage heirloom piece but think how you could enjoy it in a brand new way! And it would be amazing if you came to our shop!! If you ever do, please let me know, I would love to meet you!! Let me know if you have any questions about the piece you want to paint!

  4. Mary Silagy says:

    What a beautiful piece of furniture. I love how you used the brass door knob fixtures as drawer pulls.

    1. We have a little collection of vintage hardware that we like to use up! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today Mary!

  5. Cindy,
    I love how this turned out. The suitcases on the lower shelves is so cute. I’d love to share a link to this tutorial on my Sunday, Dirt Road Adventures. You are so creative.

    1. Feel free to link to any of our posts anytime my friend!😊 Thanks for your kind words!

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