Weekend Shopping Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2024

This year I am going to be ready! And so are you!

Ready for what? Mother’s Day of course! It’s officially only one month away and I have been combing Walmart online for amazing gifts for mom’s, young and old.

Whatever old means these days!

And that reminds me, I’m going to be one year older on Mother’s Day weekend! Woohoo for shopping for my own birthday!🥳

Popular Gifts for Mother’s Day

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing great Mother’s Day gift ideas with you. This week I am sharing Gardening Gifts for Mom.

Each one of these items are pieces I would enjoy having. They are practical and useful. If your mom (or you!) are like me, then you will enjoy the products I share with you over the next few weekends.

If you have specific products you are interested in purchasing, or if you have great ideas for Mother’s Day gifts, please share your ideas in the comments! We all need fresh ideas!

graphic with images of gardening products for mothers day gift guide

Mothers Day Gift Guide

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Swing Hammock with Pillows

How cozy does this chair look?? It’s a swing and a hammock together and I can just imagine how comfortable it would be to swing and read a book on a spring or summer day.

Easy Growing Gardening Book

This would be the perfect book to read while you swing in that hammock! If you love to grow vegetables in your garden, then this book is the reference you need. Grow your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs with the help of “Don’t Throw Out the Trowel!”

Gardening Gloves

Wearing gloves in the garden is a must for my hands! Nitrile Gloves still allow for flexibilty in your finger and that’s important if you have arthritis. Long Forearm gloves make clipping roses or Barberry safer! Don’t allow your mom to cut roses without them!

Cute Sun Hat

Keeping the sun off of your face is easy with an adorable sun hat with a wide brim. There is plenty of ventilation and it even has a cute bow!

Gathering Basket

Having a bamboo gathering basket near your gardening tools and supplies is a must! Use it to carry pulled weeds as you go through the garden and also use it to bring in all the amazing veggies you will grow! Your mom will appreciate this basket when harvest season comes!

Gardening Aprons

Here are two aprons you can choose from (or get both!) The first apron is a neutral floral pattern with lace details. Two pockets help to hold small items like seed packets and a cell phone. The second apron is a green floral print with a ruffle and a hidden pocket. Both aprons would be perfect to use in the garden or in the kitchen!

Garden Shoes

Do you like to have a pair of shoes next to the back door that you can slip on and off quickly when you run out to grab something from your herb garden or hang something on the clothesline? I do! This pair of gardening shoes is made of PVC so any dirt or mud can be rinsed off at the hose before you come in! Your mom would love a pair for herself!

Oxford Cloth Tote Bag

A tote bag is a great way to move around the yard as you go about your gardening tasks like weeding or pruning plants. Store all of the necessary tools in this durable garden tote bag.

Fiskars Gardening Tools

I’ve been a long-time fan of Fiskars cutting tools. I have Fiskars scissors, rotary cutting supplies, pruning shears, clippers, and floral snips. This 7-piece Essential Garden Tool Bundle would make a great gift for the woman who loves to work in the outdoors! This set would go perfectly with the tote bag too!

Shop for Mother’s Day Early!

Tap on any of the links above or use the images below to shop! All you need to do is tap the image and you will be directed to Walmart online. This makes is easy and fast to get your Mother’s day gifts here before it sneaks up on you!

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