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Hi, my friend! I’m so glad you decided to join me today! I’m sharing my latest projects and some of my favorite finds on Amazon that I am sure you will love! Especially the most comfortable shoes to wear with jeans!

Ok, I’m crazy over the shoes – be sure to check them out later in the post 🙂

Some of my blogging friends are also sharing the great items they are currently loving too! Check out each of their Hand Picked Faves later in this post.

In the meantime, I have some fun projects and a salad recipe that I want to share with you.

upcycling junk

You know we love to upcycle junk around here, right? I’m always on the hunt for my next project. Taking ugly pieces like the serving tray you see below and turning them into useable, vintage-inspired pieces is one of my favorite things to do!

Furniture makeovers are another one of my favorite things to do! This teacart only cost me about $20. The makeover turned out amazing.

virtual book club – Murder on the Orient Express

Some of my blogging friends and I started a virtual book club in January. We are sharing home decor and recipe inspiration from the books we are reading each month.

In January, we read (and watched the movie!) Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie. I was inspired to create a little dining lamp for our eating area on our kitchen island. I also came up with a fancy salad!

You will enjoy both of these posts! Be sure to stay tuned for our Virtual Book Club for February. We are reading Emma by Jane Austen. The home decor idea I have is going to be amazing!

YouTube videos

Did you like the post about making any metal look like brass? Then you will love to watch the video showing the same technique on two other lamps!

Click the image below to watch the YouTube Live I did recently demonstrating this method.

graphic for vintage brass diy project

In this video, I share 5 thrift store makeovers that I am sure you will enjoy! Click the image below to watch!

Four of my blogging friends and I are getting together and sharing our hand-picked favorite finds just ‘four’ you! We will each be sharing four things we are currently loving and we know you will love them too!

You can check the links below for our faves and be sure to pop over to visit their blogs. Each of these ladies has a beautiful vintage-loving style like you and I do. I’m sure you will enjoy reading their posts!

Reinvented Delaware – Cindy

  • I’ve been on the hunt to replace my everyday shoes to wear with jeans. But I have foot issues and need to have arch support. So I searched Amazon and found the perfect fitting, cute everyday shoes that look good with jeans and dress pants! The best part is they come in the two colors I want: basic black and chestnut (a warm, rich brown) I’ve been wearing them every day for weeks and they are sooooo comfy!
  • Oval Ironstone plates are my favorite dishes to search for when I am out thrifting and antique shopping. I’ve also bought them new so add them to my collection quickly. Here are some that I found on Amazon that would go perfectly with my collection of ironstone. They could be used as a dessert plate or a salad plate.
  • If you love oval dishes as I do, here is a set of 12 oval dinner plates that only cost about $4 each! I paid twice that amount about 15 years ago so this is a great deal!
  • Maybe I have already shared this hardcover journal with you, but it bears sharing again! No kidding, if you love to journal or use the bullet journal system to keep your life straight, this dot-grid journal is for you! I have it in gray, white and black. Yeah, it’s that amazing! Go ahead and put it in your Amazon cart now. You’ll thank me later 🙂

Lora Bloomquist – Lora

  • For quick clean-ups of silver flatware or jewelry, I’m loving this easy-to-use silver polishing cloth. If I’m setting the table with my good silverware, it’s so easy to wipe away the tarnish and get a fresh look. Also very handy for silver jewelry. You can get it HERE.
  • The oldest kiddo moved out and we have a new den! We picked up a super cheap, cute loveseat off Marketplace. I’m reviving it by plumpling the cushions and removing pills from the fabric. A rechargeable fabric shaver is my new best friend; so slick! I’ll be getting out my sweaters next. You can get it HERE.
  • Myquillin Smith from the blog, The Nester, has always impressed me with how she can explain the decor process. (I’ve got all her books) Years of experience living in 15 houses has honed her decorating process so she can clearly explain which steps you should take when giving a room a makeover. Her Cozy Community mentorship group is open for a few days (until Mon, Feb 6 at midnight). Her group is an invaluable way to learn how to decorate your home in your own style, inexpensively. Check out the details HERE.
  • I’m loving looking at my dining room hutch all decorated for Valentine’s Day with a combo of vintage and new pretties. You can see it HERE, and shop the post HERE. While you’re there, I’d love if you’d follow me on LTK, too!

Saved from Salvage – Regina

  • RESTAURANT STYLE NAPKINS Are you a cloth napkin person? I am. I just feel better about using them. These are sturdy and I am a big fan of the clean lines that can be used year round.
  • BATHROOM STORAGE BOTTLES This may be for my OCD friends. I recently ordered these bottles because I love the look of matching items in my bathroom shower. It’s just a clean aesthetic that I enjoy. They are plastic, affordable and come with 8 labels.
  • VALENTINE BAKING SET This fun set is on sale for $12. It comes with a baking sheet, rack, spatula and the best part is the valentine parchment, I am using the parchment to wrap valentine treats up.
  • DOOR MAT I wish this was a joke but it’s seriously something we need. Perfect for the 60 and over crowd. Thursday night Carmine left his phone at a restaurant, maybe instead of the front door, we should carry this around with us.

Sky Lark House – Anna

  • February is a month of self care and staying warm! Below are some of my favorite handpicked finds for this month.
  • This little portable space heater is fabulous. I use it in my workshop and my office because its perfect for heating up a small room.
  • I love these silicon face cleaning brushes because they are gentle on my skin but still exfoliate my skin. Each brush lasts for a number of weeks and a package of four is only $7.
  • I am using this foaming face wash by Cetaphil because the formula is perfect for the harsh winter weather.
  • This is my favorite sweater that I have been wearing all winter. I ordered it in three different colors.

one for the road

Here is one last furniture makeover we did a couple of years ago. These sweet little nightstands didn’t start out as nightstands! They were actually parts of an antique vanity! You’re going to love this step-by-step tutorial!

transform vintage vanity into nightstands

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  1. Regina Jenkins says:

    Cindy – Girl you are killing it. YouTube and I watched some WebStories last night. Love your style and presentation. I need to up my game! Have a wonderful weekend Cindy.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Regina! YouTube is so time-consuming, but I love it! If you ever want help doing web stories, let me know. They are pretty easy to do 🙂

  2. Hi Cindy! As usual, you have been super busy and creative! I love your brass lamp project. The salad 🥗 looks amazing.
    Also – I also have feet challenges. It’s so difficult to find cute shoes with support. So I appreciate your recommendation. I have also had good luck with Danskos. They last for a long time – my last pair held up for 3 years.( They are expensive but worth it). Wishing you a fabulous weekend!

    1. I’ve heard of those shoes! My sister is a nurse and worked 12-hour shifts. She swore by them. Hope you have a great week!