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Transformed Washstand

In a few simple steps, I will show you how we transformed an antique washstand. You will be itching to go vintage shopping for one for your home! Ready? Let’s go!

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washstand love

It’s no secret that I love washstands. They are by far my favorite piece of furniture! Small in size, they can fit anywhere from a small apartment bedroom to a large foyer in a full size home. Let’s see how this one is transformed!

prep is important

After a light sanding and then a thorough cleaning, I chose to paint this adorable washstand in Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint ‘French Enamel.’ It is a lovely shade of blue that has a vintage feel to the color.

top it off

Two coats covered this washstand perfectly. You might have noticed the wood top. Often, these washstands come with a marble top. See the first image for a quick look.

The marble tops often have a marble backsplash, but this one was missing the backsplash. That left a gap on the back edge of the marble top.

Hubby built a farmhouse style top using reclaimed, industrial oak pallet boards. You’ll see the hand built top later in the post.

neaten up the edges

After the paint dried completely, I used a small piece of 220 grit sandpaper to remove the paint on the edges of the doors and drawers. The paint brush almost always falls over the edge and I like to clean this up.

I also used a 3M sanding sponge over the whole piece. This step lightly distressed this transformed washstand beautifully while preparing it for the top coat.

Miss Mustard Seed Wax was my choice for the top coat. I wanted to maintain an old world feel to this piece. Applying the wax is so easy! Wax on, wax off! This video will help you to see how easy it is to use!

final touches

Look how the wax deepens and enriches the French Enamel color!

Miss Mustard Seed Hemp Oil hydrated the back of this transformed washstand beautifully. I love the backs of antique furniture. Usually, the backs are made of individual boards, not the particleboard that is used in today’s furniture!

Pages from an old hymnal line the drawer. This is another easy way to transform vintage furniture. The pages are a nice surprise when the drawer is opened and they cover stains and markings that you might not want to see! And it is so easy to do! Here, I’ll show you!

transformed washstand

Isn’t she the cutest little washstand?? Funny how we can think of furniture as cute …..

…..but this one definitely is!

no backsplash? no problem

Remember I mentioned the marble top? We chose not to use it because it was missing the backsplash. Without that section, there was a 1/2″ gap along the back edge.

Hubby built a top for the washstand using reclaimed oak boards. I will have a tutorial in the future showing how to join boards for a similar look.

The wood was filled with worm holes like this. Just more character if you ask me!

storage included

The inside of the washstand has a shelf which is nice for storage. I used Miss Mustard Seed Hemp Oil on the inside as well as the back of the piece.

Check out the original hardware! A bit of cleaning and one coat of Rub-n-Buff was all it needed!

Hubby also made a little door stop with a scrap of oak. It holds the doors shut and adds a bit more cuteness to the washstand.

so many uses

I mentioned earlier that washstands are my favorite piece of furniture. They are small but are so versatile in any home.

Here are some ideas for using a piece like this in your home:

  • nightstand
  • entryway catch-all
  • bathroom storage cabinet
  • at the end of a hallway

Just for fun, here is a before and after. Isn’t it fun to see how far this transformed washstand came??

Tell me: how and where would you use this washstand in your home? Let’s share some ideas in the comments!

thanks for stopping by!

I hope you enjoyed this easy transformation! And if you are wondering about the gorgeous rocking chair, that post is coming soon!

We love taking the old and making it new around here at reinvented delaware!

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***Did you notice the differing shades of blue in this post? That’s the power of sunlight changing as I photographed this piece for this post!! See the true Miss Mustard Seed French Enamel color HERE.

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  1. Your washstand came out beautifully! As a fellow Delawarean, I love subscribing to your blog and am so glad I found it!
    Im curious about the Miss Mustard Seed milk paint. Yours didn’t chip at all. Isn’t that the purpose of milk paint? What do you do if you want it to chip?

    1. Thanks for subscribing Joan! MMS milk paint does chip randomly – which is why it looks so authentic. I used MMS Bonding Agent to control the chipping on this piece. It’s really a personally preference with each piece!?

  2. Cindy, lovely as usual! I was visiting your stall in Wilderlove recently (in Greenwood, DE) and encourage all your readers to stop in and see you (on the second floor)!

    So, how about that marble top? Can you repurpose it?

    1. So glad you found us in Wilderlove! We love that store and it is so fun to meet people who visit our spot! Thanks for spreading the word! As for the marble top, I think hubby is using it as a large knife sharpening stone?

  3. Hi, Cindy! I have been following you for several months, first on Instagram and now here. I love your IG stories! (Isn’t it weird that I feel like I know you?)

    I also love seeing how you bring new life to old treasures! I live in Maryland and have actually been to Wilderlove once, but it was before I knew to look for Reinvented Delaware. I’m sure I wondered through your space because my friend and I went through every nook and cranny. The next time I come, I’ll know where to find you! 🙂

    1. Cheryl, thanks so much for the kind words! Your encouragement makes my day? Hopefully, you will be able to visit wilderlove again! ?

  4. Cindy, I really love the way you transformed this washstand! That color is absolutely stunning. I always learn something new with your tutorials. This would’ve been one of my picks if Julie hadn’t gotten to you first last week! 😉 Ha!

    1. Awe thanks my friend! Washstands ate def my favorite pieces to transform! So glad you are learning new things here!

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