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Pier One Cabinet Makeover | New Storage!


the beginning

This is how the cabinet looked when our client dropped it off at our workshop.

before of tv cabinet makeover

And here is how it looks now!

Pier One cabinet before & after

side by side shot of before and after of tv cabinet makeover

fresh coat of paint

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Ironstone really lightened up the dark finish that this Pier One cabinet had. The dark finish along with the size of this piece made it appear heavy and bulky.

The lighter color of paint brightens and lightens this piece. The cabinet will not appear as overpowering in a room as it did when it was dark.

Sometimes big, bulky and dark furniture can weigh a room down if it is not properly balance by another piece of furniture. That would mean that you would need another piece of furniture with the same visual weight to balance that room.

Balancing the room will be much easier just by lightening up this large Pier One cabinet.

painted hardware

Initially, we were going to leave the hardware dark. But as I was painting the primer (Shellac based white primer by Zinsser) I realized that the dark hardware would scream, ‘hey look at me!’

I decided to silence the scream by painting over it. First with the primer as I painted the whole piece and second with the milk paint.

A bit of distressing worked perfectly to show the details of the hardware. Personally, I think you can see more of the details and shape of the hardware with the paint than without.

knife distressing???

I use a knife distressing technique often. It is really effective on pieces that have been primed. The primer makes the paint adhere to the surface so well that distressing can be challenging.

My knife method worked beautifully on this Pier One cabinet.

The legs were spray painted with a hammered spray paint finish that I mentioned in the last post. Such an easy way to enhance metal finishes!

updated and gorgeous

The paint and the distressing brought this early 2000 look into the current look of 2020, don’t your think??

yay for storage!!

We still wanted to make this piece more practical. Our client will not be using this Pier One cabinet for their TV any longer so what could we do but add an additional shelf for storage??

The shelving adds so much practicality to this Pier One cabinet! You could use it for blanket and pillow storage. If you added some large baskets, the cabinet could be used to store smaller items as well.

The piece was sealed with Miss Mustard Seed Hemp Oil and then MMS Wax. This finish helps to add the aged looked this piece has now, don’t you think?

follow our journey!

Thanks so much for popping in to see this gorgeous Pier One cabinet makeover! I would love to know if you do this project yourself. So many of us have cabinets similar to this one and I say let’s put them to use in our homes!!

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