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Come on over to our home and see our Christmas decor for 2020! I kept things simple as a way of keeping things easy and uncomplicated during a very challenging year of the pandemic, business pivoting and changes within our own family.

graphic showing show piano stool with snowmen, plant and small lamp on top

no big tree this year!

For starters, we decided not to put our big tree. We bought an artificial tree that is super easy to put up but with the decorations, containers, garland, outdoor lighting….. it all seemed too much this year.

Instead, we brought down two small trees along with some simple ornaments.

One of the trees we brought down belongs to one of our daughters and was in our attic for storage. She purchased it several years ago. She lives in another state and we were trying to figure out how to get it to her quickly.

Like a good mom (or more like a mom who WANTED a flocked tree!) I offered to buy this one from her and she could use the money to purchase another one in a store near her!

Win, win!! This is a 5′ flocked tree that she paid about $35 for at Wal-Mart! I have looked for this tree online and unfortunately, I can’t find it. Maybe she purchased with a deal, I’m just not sure!

living room, mantle with snowmen and Christmas tree decorated with handmade ornaments

simple ornaments

The ornaments I decorated the tree with are simple :

The tree fits perfectly on our fireplace hearth. And this new snowman found his favorite spot too! Each year for several years now, I have made a new snowman to add to our Christmas decor. 2020 was no different!

Be sure to see part two of this Christmas decor 2020 post – I’ll share how I made this one and share some snowmen from the past!

fireplace hearth with handmade snowman and painted gift boxes near flocked Christmas tree

Little Barkly seems a bit unsure with all the new decor in our home! I did alot of moving around while I decorated and he really prefers me to stay in one room and sitting still!

close up of cute Lhasa Apso doggie on living room floor with fireplace in background

Here are a couple of our snowmen. I’ll share more next time!

fireplace mantel with handmade snowmen sitting on top
living room fireplace mantle and flocked Christmas tree

into our dining room!

Let’s glance over to our dining room. If you follow me on Instagram, you know our main living spaces are open to each other. Our living, dining and kitchen areas are one large room with designated areas – separate but still unified.

This dining room table serves our family well and we have shared many meals seated here together over the last 20+ years.

Since our children live some distance from us, this table usually serves as my watercolor painting ‘studio.’ The cabinet in the background is a great spot to store all my painting supplies. Most of those supplies stay out on the table because I like to paint several evenings each week.

dining room with Christmas tree and large storage cabinet in background

best view!

You can see here, it is a great spot to paint while I watch a good Netflix series like, The Crown.

I’ve even started to enjoy some of the music channels on YouTube. Did you know that some even have beautiful artwork to fill the TV screen?? I know it’s been around for a while, but I just recently discovered it!! Here are a couple of the channels we’ve been enjoying:

Share with me any other YouTube music channels that you have enjoyed! I’m loving the scenery and artwork of some of them!

view from dining table into living room looking at fireplace

Just behind the chair that I sit in to paint is this spot. The four children’s chairs act as a place to drape some handmade bell garland.

Hubby built the manger from reclaimed barn wood lumber years ago. You can read more about that in the post about our Christmas Decor 2018.

dining room with nativity scene and children's antique chairs hanging on wall
children's chairs hanging on wall with handmade bell garland hanging from chairs
close up of handmade bell garland hanging from children's chairs

If you have been here recently, you’ve already seen this little spot in the dining room. The orange slice garland was made this year. Such an easy and fun project!

dining room buffett with Christmas decor on top and hanging orange slice garland on wall decor

The woodland creature tree sits perfectly in this painted vintage high chair. The tree is filled with birds and a couple of squirrels.

It’s so fun to find unusual things to sit a tree on, don’t you think? Don’t you love this one sitting on a high chair?? Be sure to check out where I put a hand-flocked tree a couple of years ago! It’s one of my favorite looks for a small tree!

small decorated Christmas tree sitting on top of vintage highchair next to a large antique storage cabinet

our kitchen

From the dining area, let’s move into the kitchen. I really kept it all very simple in the kitchen. Small touches were really all we needed and wanted this year.

view from dining room into kitchen showing small tree  and candles on dining table

This is a spot I see most mornings as I read my Bible and pray for our family. Certainly, I didn’t want to distract from that gorgeous view of my peeps!

A small Hobby Lobby tree, a handmade snowman, and a few other Christmas decor details were just enough!

antique dresser with   Christmas decor on top including handmade snowmen, small Christmas tree, ironstone, brass and copper lantern. Family photos hanging above dresser

And of course, a little hand-turned wooden snowman was in the mix!

Did you notice the doggie toy under the dresser? He loves to get his toys out from under things! Kinda like he’s on a hunt for prey!

If you are interested in purchasing one of these sweet little fellas, we still have some available in our online shop (as of this writing in December 2020!)

close up of handmade snowmen sitting on top of dresser with small Christmas tree in background

kitchen island

The kitchen island is always filled with things. We use it as a drop off for all sorts of stuff – groceries, mail, purses, wallets…… just like everyone else. We try to keep things put away but we don’t want to be slaves to the kitchen island either!

A small Christmas tree, some oranges, and a candle all tucked in a metal tool caddy is just enough Christmas decor without taking up too much valuable junk space!

kitchen island showing vintage tool caddy filled with oranges, candle, small Christmas tree

This is our cafe. All of our coffee making supplies are in the drawers below this counter. It’s another busy area in our kitchen so decor had to be simple.

Did you notice the card taped to the wall?? Just on a whim, I decided to use Washi tape to attach this gorgeous hand made Christmas card to the wall.

The card was sent to me by a dear friend who has an Etsy shop with all sorts of hand-painted stationery, tea towels, mugs, and original artwork. You’ve got to check out all the goodies she has to offer!

I thought it made the sweetest little wall Christmas decor 🙂

cage area on kitchen counter showing percalator, small Chrismas tree and "Joy" wall art

Here is a little something that isn’t necessarily Christmas decor but it certainly adds to the atmosphere!

small crock pot sitting on kitchen counter filled with simmering potpourri

A handful of fresh cranberries, orange slices, and yummy smelling spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves in this little crockpot make our home smell so cozy all day!

In fact, I’m going to stop typing and go start a little pot right now! Be back in a minute!!

small crock pot sitting on kitchen countertop with simmering potpourri

our entryway

Here’s my new favorite spot of Christmas decor for 2020. Ok, have I already claimed a new fave spot yet??

Anyway, this is an organ stool that has been painted but not yet upholstered. The sweet stool was still sitting in my workshop and it seemed like the perfect ‘table’ for some of our handmade snowmen and a little vintage lamp.

Did you notice another piece of wall art? It’s from the same etsy shop. No lie, I’m crazy about the Washi tape hanging system!

And how about that sweet little Delaware sign sitting up in the window? One of our daughters has a creative hand with her Cricut machine! Isn’t it the cutest? She also gave me the cardinal bird house sitting in the window 🙂

front entryway corner with vintage piano stool as a table with handmade snowmen, plant and little lamp on top

our back entryway

This is the spot where we sit to put on winter boots. It is just inside the kitchen past the laundry room where we typically enter our home. Hubby built the bench with reclaimed wood to fit the area perfectly.

Above it we have a handpainted nativity scene that was painted by one of our daughters.

back entry way with handmade bench, two Christmas packages, boots and nativity painting wall decor

Isn’t it a sweet painting?? The years listed on the canvas are our birthdates and the year we were married. It’s such a special piece 🙂

wall decor in kitchen showing nativity painting and birthdate canvas wall decor

Christmas decor 2020

That’s it for today! In my next post, I will share more of the details of our Christmas decor 2020.

Share with us some of your favorite decorating ideas for Christmas this year! I would love to hear about them!

Pinterest graphic showing piano stool as a table with handmade snowmen, plant and little lamp on top

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