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Today’s post is a little out of the norm for me! Read on to see what I mean…

Not the Norm

This post is much different from the type of post I usually write. My heart’s desire is to share more from my own life in a journal style of writing and posting. Things like my thoughts, our lives, our home, my hobbies, my everyday life! You know, just the ordinary things in life! I am not exactly sure how this type of post will be received by my readers, but I am going for it!!

One part of my life I want to share is my journey into watercolors.

About year and a half ago, I picked up supplies for watercolor painting. It is something I have wanted to do for so many years but always felt I wasn’t talented enough. Not even to try! Why do we this to ourselves–this not trying thing??

But one of my daughters invited me to her place for the weekend and we got together with some of her watercoloring friends. I gave it a try and loved it! That is how I began my journey into simple watercolor art. 🙂 Believe me, I use the word ‘art’ very loosely!

Getting Help

The watercolor journey, for me at least, started by watching countless You Tube videos and watching Instagram Watercoloring Artists to see the techniques they were using to get the results they were getting. Then I had to be brave and get my paintbrush wet! Night after night, I would get my supplies ready and paint right along with them.

Pencil Required

Learning to sketch out the designs was challenging but so worth it. I am still practicing that skill along with watercolors!

Recently, I started sketching from images of real flowers. Seeing the lines that the petals and leaves form is a skill in itself. But I think that skill is growing 🙂

Simple Watercolor Art

Well, that does it for this first post about my watercolor journey! Hope you enjoyed a peak into one of my hobbies!

I hope to continue this new journal-style plan for posting here on the blog! Let me know if you are interested in something specific for me to post about!

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