Christmas 2018 | Tour of Our Home

Welcome to our Christmas Home Tour!

So nice to see you here!  Let’s get started on my first ever Christmas Tour of our home!

Reinvent, Repurpose, Reuse

If your have been here before, you know that we are all about reinventing and re-using items we already have for our home!  We love taking the old and making it new again.  We also love using items for a purpose they were not intended for.

Take a look at our mantle for instance.  Let’s take a closer look…

See the pillar candle holders?  They started out as fire wood for our fireplace!  Hubby loves to hand turn them using his vintage lathe and tools.

And then there is that spruce tree.  It is actually three little spruce trees that we found in our wooded lot.  Grouped together and potted in the galvanized bucket, they look as though they are just one tree!

Mini faux berries add a nice touch to the tree.  They came from a berry garland that I took apart. I have used those berries in many projects.  Don’t they look sweet on the tree?

The garland on the mantle is actually several separate pieces of blue rug juniper from our yard!

A light spray of white paint helped to create the effect of snow.

The branches are simply tucked in.  Some of the twigs are tucked under the pillar candle holders.  Faux white berry picks were added as well!

See the vintage galvanized oil can?  It is filled with colorful Nandina sprigs and pine branches, both from our yard!

This is our new faux tree. I will be posting about it in just a couple of days!

Use the Unconventional

This cabinet sits just behind our sofa.  Hubby built it from reclaimed barn wood and it holds an assortment of candles and pictures.  And of course, a pair of lamps.  The galvanized tool caddy looks so festive with fresh juniper sprigs and battery powered candles!

Now for the Dining Area

Our kitchen, living and dining areas are open to each other.  It is really just one big room.  We love it!  When all our family is home, we can be together in one place, doing our own thing but still being together!  That just makes my mama’s heart happy 🙂

Let’s get in a little closer.  This room leads to our back patio.

The dresser has been with us since our beginning.  This year, I put our manger scene on it.  My husband built the manger scene using reclaimed barn wood from our neighbor’s home.  Don’t worry, we got permission first 😉

Special Place for the Nativity

The swag above the manger scene was made using the long branches from the Leyland Cypress trees that line the back of our yard.  So easy to make!  It will have to do a tutorial on this project in the future!

The figurines are from the Hestia Creations Nativity Collection.  We have gifted these pieces to ourselves over the last few years.

The setting helps us to keep our minds and hearts on the meaning of Christmas.  We have shared a Nativity scene with our children since they were little.  We hope to carry on this tradition for years to come.

The Gathering of the Snowmen

Our dining table is not exactly conventional.  But not much we do around here is!  The centerpiece is filled with handmade snowmen.  Each year I make a unique, one of a kind snowman and add him to our collection!

This little snowball is one of my favorites.  In fact, I like him so much that we made them available in our spot at Wilderlove!  You’ll have to go check them out!  We also have the cute little block signs in our spot!

Reinvented Christmas Tree

Tucked into the little corner of the dining room is this repurposed Christmas tree.  If you saw my IG Stories last week, you know how I put this together!

But for those of you who might have missed it, let me tell you how I repurposed an older, faux tree into this adorable little tree!

I cut a branch from a Riverbirch tree that was about 4″ thick and 36″ tall.  Then I drilled holes in a downward direction in various spots all over the branch.  Hubby built a simple 3-sided stand and we attached the birch branch to it.  I inserted the wire branches from an old fake tree into the pre-drilled holes, filling each hole with E6000 glue. (Best glue ever BTW!)

Each branch was bent downward with a little bit of upward turning at the ends.  See how each branch is reaching upward?

After the glue was completely dry, I lightly spray painted the branches with white paint.  Then I sprayed a light covering of Popcorn Ceiling Texture Spray to the tips of the branches.  This created a flocked look and really disguised the outdated feeling of the tree.

A wooden star covered in buttons was placed on the top and the tree sits in a vintage stroller!

Unconventional to say the least!

Our Kitchen

I haven’t finished decorating the kitchen area yet, but I do have this little table decked out with a red Nandina bunch.  This is such a versatile plant.  In the spring and summer, I clip it and use it to hold up my cut flowers in vases.  In the late fall and early winter I can bring it in to add a beautiful red color that spans from fall to Christmas!

This is one sprig!  It looks so lovely in an ironstone pitcher!

One last spot!  This is in the kitchen near our back entrance.  It is here only temporarily because it is headed to my spot at Wilderlove!  Thus, the price tag dangling on one of the handles!

The Nandina is serving us well this year!  She looks so lovely with a sprig of pine bough in a galvanized oil can.  I have a lot those 🙂

It Was So Nice of You to Stop In!

Thanks so much! It was such a pleasure to share our home with you at Christmas.  I hope you are inspired by some of the ideas here.  Won’t you share some of your Christmas decorating ideas with me?  I would love to hear about them!  Comments are below!

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Blessings and Merry Christmas!


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