Weekend Shopping with My Friends in May

Hi friend! Are you ready for some shopping inspiration? I am!

Before we get to the shopping, I thought I would share this beautiful image with you. As part of my daily routine, I walk by this path in the woods on my morning walk.

On this day, I had a sweet little friend. Can you see the friend? I love simple joys like this!

It’s the little things in life, right?

wooded trail with a bunny on the trail

Like having friends (and sisters!) who know what to shop for!

Sometimes I don’t have ideas of what to shop for. Are you like that? I mean, I see awesome things others get and it just doesn’t cross my mind to look for those items.

Having friends is a help. My friends come up with some great finds online! You will see what their faves are as you scroll down through the post.

This month my three sisters join us in sharing their favorite items. 🤩

Scroll down and you will see the random items that my three sisters and I chose. We are a coffee-loving, craft-lovin’, project-making, blender-loving, group of sisters!

Mother’s Day Gift Guides

If you are still shopping for a special mom, grandmom, daughter, or another special lady in your life, here are some ideas for you! Tap the graphics below and head to the post to grab what you need for Mother’s Day gift-giving!

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Saturday shopping

Here are my friends! I didn’t grab images of my sisters but maybe one of these days I will!

graphic with images of bloggers who shop together for a blog post

You can check the links below for all of our faves and be sure to pop over to visit my friend’s blogs by tapping their names just below their images. Each of these ladies has a beautiful vintage-loving and repurposing style like you and I do. I’m sure you will enjoy reading their posts!

Reinvented Delaware – Cindy

I asked my sisters for their favorite purchases lately and they shared them with me! We all love to do projects, have our coffee hot and we all use our blenders! We are a funny bunch!

shopping graphic showing favorite items to buy including a tool box, small tools and a yeti
  • One of my crafting/sewing/painting sisters (Patti) recently bought this mini heat gun. She said she is loving it for quickly drying Mod Podge on her upcycling projects. She says it runs quiet and is efficient for her craft room. My heat gun is large and I keep it in my garage workshop. I think I need the small one for my indoor craft room!
  • My other two sisters are raving about their kitchen blenders! Debbie absolutely swears by her Vitamix Immersion Blender for smoothies. In fact, she bought each of her sisters one for Christmas! My other sister Laurie, needed a large blender for cooking so she also has the Ninja Blender Kitchen System for her needs. I have both blenders and love them equally!
  • Speaking of craft rooms, hubby recently grabbed a Stanley Toolbox and Organizer for my space. It holds all of the little tools I need for small projects like spring-loaded pliers, wire cutters, and spare hardware. It fits perfectly in the cabinets in my project room!
  • This week I have been using my hubby’s Yeti 20oz Rambler to hold my second cup of coffee. I sip on it over a couple of hours in the morning. The Yeti kept it piping hot until 11:30 am! I enjoyed hot coffee throughout the morning!
Anna from Sky Lark House

Sky Lark House – Anna

  • Most of you know that I have been following a gluten free diet for the last year. I feel so much better now that I have eliminated it from my diet. These are my favorite gluten-free snacks to eat on the run.
  • My hair stylist introduced me to the LOMA line of shampoo and I love it. This shampoo doesn’t leave my hair frizzy and it also doesn’t leave it feeling weighed down and heavy.
  • I love these monogrammed journals from Anthropologie and they would make a great gift.
  • This necklace would make a great gift for Mother’s Day. You can choose the type of stone the heart is made from.
  • Finally, this little watering can is perfect for houseplants or seedlings.
Lora from Lora Bloomquist

Lora Bloomquist – Lora

  • The Beautiful Home Beautiful Life online summit kicks off next Tuesday, May 7th! For 3 days, you can learn from over 17 experts who are sharing their best tips, tricks, and advice on all things decluttering, organizing and decorating your home. If you haven’t already, you can register for basic admission for free! Learn all about it and sign up HERE.
  • I’ve been scrubbing up my Spring roadside finds. My new favorite cleaner is THIS. It’s amazing-takes paint drips off, sharpie marker, crayon messes and sticky goop. This is going to make the junk revival process so much easier!
  • Our frost date is May 15, which means it’s almost time to plant up our raised bed garden! A couple years ago we created a picket fence cottage garden with raised beds. I’ve been so impressed with THESE raised bed kits. We got them directly from the company, but now you can get them from this big retailer for less and in more colors! Maybe time to expand;)
  • I am crushing on overalls. I bought this green pair for my Bday and Mom’s day last year and have loved them. They’re so comfortable, and I always get compliments. I think I need more overalls in my life. And they come in so many fun styles and patterns right now! I rounded up some of my favorite overalls HERE. (you can find mine there, too…and be sure you follow me while you’re there;)
lynn from living large in a small house

Living Large in a Small House – Lynn

I’ve been out of town and now that I’m home I’m excited to get my plants planted. I’m also excited to add some summer touches to my home.

I’m a blue and white gal so I love to add yellow to my home. You don’t have to do much to give it a new vibe!

  • I love these yellow pillow covers. My favorite size is 22″ pillows. It gives your pillows a more designer look. These inserts are the best that I’ve ever had. I use a 24″ insert for a 22″ cover.
  • One of my favorite flowers are ranunculus, which I have not had luck growing. I also can’t always find them fresh at the store. These faux real-touch flowers will work with my yellow and blue summer decorating.
  • This fleece throw not only adds a bit of color it has great texture to give your home the cozy feel we all crave, even in the summer.
  • In two weeks I will be putting my seedlings out in the yard. While they are a good size to be out in the yard, they are no match for our chickens and the deer so I’m protecting them with these cones and holding them down with these stakes.
Diane from South House Designs

South House Designs – Diane

What a crazy week it has been and my list reflects it — kinda all over the place.

  • We borrowed a Kreg pocket hole system from a friend to build a vanity. Never could have done it so well, and so easily without it! I am so getting one — now it’s just deciding between the 720-Pro or the 520-Pro with Screw Starter Kit. Both of these are specials that have to be ordered online and can then be delivered to your home or your Home Depot store.
  • I’m looking forward to all the warm weather ahead which means lots of patio time. I am in love with this tablecloth with that sweet tassel fringe. I might have to get a round one also for the round table under the balcony. Comes in multiple colors and sizes. And these super cute placemats /chargers are so cute and different. I love the braided edge.
  • Speaking of outdoor living, do you have a Solo Stove yet? (They’re on sale right now) Smokeless is the way to go– much better for the environment and no more jumping around to avoid the smoke, stinging eyes and all the rest. Perfect for Mother’s Day, with new colors — and they can be personalized. I don’t know a mom who doesn’t love gathering her family in a circle telling stories and maybe singing a few songs!
  • These wonderful wooden loaf baking baskets from JSH Home Essentials are so charming and a delightful treat for baking loafs to give as gifts or to serve individual charcuterie servings and so much more. I’m going to have to order more for all the crafting possibilities! BONUS: They come in four different sizes.

Until next time…

Cindy Rust

Cindy has been decorating her home with thrift store finds for 40 years. She is an avid thrift store shopper who loves to makeover the items she finds into vintage-inspired home decor and furniture. When she isn’t thrift shopping or painting a piece of furniture, you can find her making homemade butter, working in her garden, or painting with watercolors.

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  1. Patti Donophan says:

    Great post, Cindy! Reading about the ladies you work with for idea-sharing was enjoyable! I can see you all inspire each other-so important! Seeing our sisters faves was fun! Shopping at Sam’s and then lunch with you and mom was fun, too🥰!

    1. Cindy Rust says:

      Thanks for sharing your favorite shopping finds with me! My readers enjoy peaking into someone else’s shopping cart! We had a great time together that day 🥰