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Why is it we talk about the weather so much?

Have you ever noticed that when we greet someone who lives far away we ask how the weather is where they are?

Or you see someone in the store you haven’t seen in awhile and you talk about the weather because you aren’t sure what to talk about?

We are a funny kind. But I like being a part of the human kind 🙂

So, how’s the weather where you are? Here in Delaware we’ve had lots of rain and gray days.

The older lady I took care of for 18 years used to say that we needed the rain, the gray skies and the rest from growth in order to have a beautiful spring.

Yeah, I like being part of that kind of human. One who sees good and beauty in all kinds of weather.

Let that sink in if you are going through a difficult time in your life right now. There’s a life lesson if you look deep.

Close up view of a dogwood tree with small buds, green grass and white rail fence in the background.

in the workshop

In the last couple of weeks we’ve been busy in the workshop – the indoor workshop in fact! Hope you enjoy seeing these projects!

Click any image to see the full tutorial.

YouTube Video

Can you believe it can only take four easy steps to paint cabinets? Watch this video and I will take you step by step through the process!

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The latest on Youtube:

interesting podcast

Mike Rowe interviews an amazing guest on episode #138 of his podcast. Believe me, it’s a good one! Click HERE to listen! You will need to scroll down to episode #138 for this fun and informative episode!

Screenshot of Mike Rowe podcast art showing episode #238.

from the web

I came across some fun finds across the web this week. Check out the links below and tell them Cindy sent ya’!

one for the road

One last post for you! We’ll use anything for a towel rack! Hope you enjoy this reinvented piece! Just click the image to see the whole adorable kitchen island!

Close up view of repurposed rolling pin used as a towel holder on a repurposed rolling kitchen cart turned into a small kitchen island.

Until next time…

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All Things Vintage #20

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  1. This is a fantastic post, Cindy!
    Thank you so much for sharing my “Vintage Finds” post. I truly appreciate it!

    1. You are most welcome Marieza!

  2. Great podcast 🤣. Thanks!

    1. So glad you enjoyed the podcast!

  3. Such a sweet lesson and one we could all use right now, Cindy! Thanks so much for including my post in your features this week. It’s really kind of you. We live on a tiny island in Florida (it rains a lot) and sometimes it rains so hard it knocks out your internet. I used to get frustrated by it because I had so much work I needed to get done. But now I take it as an opportunity to rest, read, pick up a new craft or just sit and appreciate the moment. They don’t last long so you have to grab them where you can. Sending you lots of hugs and thank yous, CoCo

    1. That sounds like a lot of rain CoCo! Sometimes we need something to help us to slow down and enjoy things like reading or crafting. I sure need the gentle push to slow down! The lack of internet and all that rain can be such a blessing. Thanks for stopping by with your encouragement! I appreciate it so much. 🥰

  4. Cindy, that rolling pin as a towel holder is adorable. You have such great ideas, my friend.

    1. You’re the sweetest Tammy! Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a blessed day my friend. 🥰

  5. Such a great post. Love the podcast. Hugs to you.

    1. So glad you enjoyed the podcast, Renae! Have a great day!🥰

  6. I love the outlook on the rain. It is so true! The rolling pin is such a fun idea! Happy day, friend!

    1. Thanks Kim! I appreciate you stopping by!