Creative DIY Christmas Ball Ornaments You Can Make

Creative DIY Christmas ball ornaments you can make that will add a festive touch to your holiday decorations! Enjoy making these easy DIY ornaments!

Hey there, fellow makers! With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to sprinkle some DIY magic onto your Christmas tree. We all know that no tree is complete without a gorgeous array of ornaments, particularly those delightful little balls that add a touch of whimsy and warmth. 

But why settle for store-bought when you can create custom Christmas ball ornaments? Get ready to unleash your creativity as we dive into a treasure trove of fabulous and fun ideas that will make your tree truly shine this year. Let’s get crafting!

homemade Christmas ornaments

Making homemade ornaments has been a tradition in our home since the first year we were married over 40 years ago. It all started with a DIY Christmas ornaments kit I purchased at the local Leggetts store in the craft department. This was long before you could go to your local craft store like Michael’s and purchase the supplies!

Since then I have made countless ornaments for our Christmas tree each year. Angels of every sort, paper mache stars, and handmade felted wool ornaments just to name a few.

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painted ceramic ornaments

Today we are focusing on Christmas ball ornaments. I found these unpainted ceramic Christmas balls at our local Michaels and they were on such a deal that I bought them out! This was the deal of the day: if you bought one ornament for $3.99, you got three new ornaments for FREE! How in the world could I turn that down?

Michaels also had clear ornaments made of glass that I almost bought. I might have to go back and get them because they were super cheap too! I will share some ideas for clear glass ornaments later in this post.

For now, let’s make these beautiful DIY ornaments!

painted Christmas ornaments with velvet ribbon in silver and gold

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I hope you are enjoying this project! Let me know if you have any questions. Or leave me a comment to tell me about your project and ideas!

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easy tutorial – ceramic painted ornament balls

  1. Gather your supplies. (listed above)
  2. Prepare your workspace. Use paper or cardboard to protect the surface.
  3. Stir the paint well to distribute the metallics in the paint.
  4. Remove the store-bought ribbon if desired.
  5. Paint the top half of the ball ornaments. Use a cross hatch motion to create texture. Use a hairdryer to speed up the drying time. 
  6. Paint the bottom half of the ball ornaments using the same cross hatch brush strokes and allow to dry.
  7. Repeat so that you have two coats of paint on the entire ornament.
  8. Thread the ornaments onto the wooden skewer and hang on the large bowl until completely dried. Use this time to paint other ball ornaments!
  9. Thread a section of the brown wire about 6″ long through the hole at the top of the ornament to create the hanger.
  10. Tie the velvet ribbon or ribbon to match your color scheme around the neck of the ornament and tie it into a pretty bow. Clip the ends at an angle for a finishing touch!

additional creative ideas for DIY ornaments

Creating your own ornaments is not only a fun tradition but also a fantastic way to infuse your holiday decor with a personal touch. While ceramic Christmas balls hold a special place in our hearts, there’s a whole world of DIY possibilities waiting for you. Let’s chat about some more creative ideas when making beautiful ornaments!

handmade ceramic Christmas ball ornaments hanging on a Christmas tree

Handy tip: Shop all year!

Stay on the lookout for ornaments when you are out thrift store shopping. Often people will donate old ornaments and even supplies leftover from projects that you could upcycle. You can often find great deals, especially after the holiday season! Many people donate their Christmas ornaments after the holiday instead of storing them for the next year.

clear plastic ornaments

Consider branching out to clear ornament balls made from plastic, which provide a unique canvas for your artistic endeavors. Visit your local craft store or the nearest Dollar Tree to grab clear plastic ball ornaments, acrylic paint, and glitter.

The clear ball ornaments can be transformed into stunning pieces with a splash of color, glitter, or even alcohol ink for a mesmerizing effect. Get the whole family involved in this easy and fun project that guarantees a personal and creative ornament collection. The plastic ornaments would make a gorgeous ornament garland too!

Another exciting avenue to explore is the world of fillable ornament ideas. These ornaments allow you to experiment with different materials, from sequins to little buttons. Imagine crafting sparkly ball Christmas ornaments, each one telling its own story. Kids of all ages will enjoy choosing what they will put inside of the ornament.

Try using gold leaf or spray paint, producing show-stopping results that will sparkly beautifully on your Christmas tree. Adding embellishments to the inside or the outside will make plastic ornaments stand out.

collection of handpainted DIy Christmas ornaments

upcycle thrift store ornaments

For those looking to add a touch of nostalgia to their holiday decor, why not revive old ornaments with a fresh coat of paint? Gather the family and transform those outdated or worn-out ornaments into new, beautiful creations.

Breathe new life into your old favorites with metallic spray paint in gold, silver, bronze or copper.

This year, I purchased several boxes of glass ball ornaments and all they needed was a little cleaning for a fresh look. Paint or clean the vintage pieces, keep it simple and enjoy the process!

diy Christmas ornaments made from ceramic Christmas balls

​decorate clear Christmas balls

Cover the outside of clear balls using Mod Podge and sheet music found while out thrift shopping. Apply an additional layer of Mod Podge to seal the ornaments. Or cover the ornaments with decorative tissue paper or use the napkin and Mod Podge method to create a beautiful ornament.

For a sparkly ornament, apply a heavy coat of Mod Podge then dip into glass glitter. Cover the entire surface and allow to dry completely. Knock off any excess and you will have gorgeous glitter ornaments!

handmade ceramic Christmas ball ornaments hanging on a Christmas tree

more ideas from the web

I found some of the best creative ideas when it comes to creative Christmas ball ornaments on the web! There are so many inspiring people and projects online! Here are just a few for you enjoy!

Merry Christmas ornament-making!

Discover the joy of making ornaments together as a family. It’s not just about the end result but the journey of creativity and bonding that comes with it. So, whether you’re trying out clear glass ornaments, experimenting with different colors, or reviving old ornaments, the key is to have fun and spend time together creating not only ornaments but memories.

Handmade ornaments also make great gifts for those in your life that need some holiday cheer like the postal carrier, your Walmart delivery person or your hairdresser.

DIY painted ceramic Christmas ball ornaments in silver and gold

Handmade ornaments are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your holiday decor. It’s a fun way to get into the holiday spirit in my humble opinion.  For me, it’s the best way to slow down and enjoy the holiday season. 

I hope you enjoy making your own ornaments this year and that it begins a new tradition for you and your whole family!

Merry Christmas and Happy Ornament Making!

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  1. Cute ornaments, Cindy!

    1. Thanks Tammy! They were fun to make! Merry Christmas!

  2. These ornaments are stunning, Cindy! I had no idea that Michaels made ceramic ornaments like this – that is so cool. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for them too. They add such a beautiful elegance to your tree! Loving and pinning as always sweet friend, CoCo

    1. Thnaks CoCo! I’m going to check out Michaels and see if they have restocked. The ornaments are so nice and I can imagine other ways to paint them! Thanks for pinning! Merry Christmas!