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1980’s Pie Safe Makeover

Remember the furniture of the 1980’s?

Wood tones of pine and oak in their natural colors were abundant!  Today, I want to show you how to transform an old and tired piece of furniture from the 1980’s and bring it into 2018!

Ready?  Let’s go!

The eighties brought a resurgence in hand made furniture.

It was an era of many craftsmen who were eager to get into their workshops and build stuff!  Women from the eighties were filling their homes with hand made country crafts of all sorts and the handmade furniture was definitely in abundance!

But let’s not be too quick to judge the country look of the eighties – remember what I said about how the 80’s- 90’s ushered in the farmhouse style we love so much now?  The colors may have been different but the desired atmosphere of the home was the same as we want in todays farmhouse style – cozy and comfy for our families!

I have a client with grandparents from that era.  His grandfather hand built this pie safe from scraps he had lying around!  The craftsmanship is top notch.  My clients just wanted it updated for their new farmhouse style home.  The yellowing oak just wasn’t going to work in their new home but they wanted to keep the hand made pie safe in the family.

The cabinet was in such good shape – no repairs were needed!

I loved the metal detail in the doors.  Back in the day when a piece like this would have been used for pies, the holes in the metal would have allowed air to flow through without the bugs getting to the fresh baked pies.  Can you imagine having that many pies in your kitchen??  Homemade and fresh – the smells must have been wonderful!

The hardware on the cabinet needed to be updated – the hinges were the antique brass that was so popular in the eighties and the knobs needed to be changed as well.

Spray painting the hinges was the best option

After removing the doors from the cabinet,  I taped off the area surrounding the hinges and used newspaper to protect the rest of the doors while I spray painted the hinges.  Rust-oleum Hammered finishes are my favorite!  I chose Flat Soft Iron for this project.  It is a matte finish in a soft black.  This spray paint comes in so many colors and finishes.  I have used this paint on many project and cannot speak highly enough about it!

The key to spray painting anything is to not hold the can too close to the project.  This will cause running and dripping.  Keep a safe distance – 10″-12″ away to get a smooth finish.  Also, it is better to do two-three thin coats instead of one heavy coat.  Patience my dear!

Two coats of General Finishes Milk Paint

were just enough to cover the oak.  Custom mixed paint creates a unique look for my pieces.  In this case, I used General Finishes in Snow White and Linen.  The addition of the Linen Milk Paint knocks off some of the starkness of the Snow White.  The two work together perfectly!

After cleaning the interior well, I re-stained it using a richer brown stain, General Finishes Walnut Water Based Stain, to hide some of the orange tones of the cabinet.

The lighter paint really makes the metal portions of the cabinet look even prettier!

Check out that wheat detail!  Talk about farmhouse style!

Glass knobs…yay!!

General Finishes Milk Paint chips easily with my method.  Check out how I distress in this post!

This pie safe is not just for the kitchen!

I can see it in a bedroom used to store clothing, in a bathroom as a linen cabinet, in a craft room for storage or heck put it back in the kitchen as a small pantry!

Wherever they choose to use this heirloom piece, I am sure they will enjoy it for generations to come!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hope you enjoyed this project!  Do you have any pieces from the 1980’s that need updating?  Let me know!  I would love to hear about it!  Also, I am available for custom work!

Any questions about the projects you have waiting to completed?   Please feel free to ask!


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