Laundry Room Makeover Plans

The makeover itch is getting stronger especially with spring right around the corner! Join me as I do a budget-friendly laundry room makeover in our home!

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The itch is getting to me.

view from kitchen looking through cased opening into laundry room and seeing back door

You know the itch. The one that starts to happen when you look around your house and get the urge to change something.

view showing cased opening to laundry room

Not a demo kind of change. Something much simpler than that.

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full view of pantry in laundry room with sliding barn doors

I’ve got that itch where my laundry room and pantry area are concerned.

We’ve done two makeovers in the laundry room since we built our home 22+ years ago. Of course, we have painted that room more times than just two. But as for makeovers, two times.

china cabinet converted to laundry room cabinet with galvanized tub sink

But as far as makeovers are concerned, two times.

The first makeover was just a pantry/closet makeover. The closet runs the full width of the room and houses our hot water heater.

You’re jealous of how gorgeous our hot water heater is, aren’t you??

Haha! We’ll take care of that in this budget-friendly makeover!

messy pantry closet in laundry room with hot water heater exposed

There had always been plenty of storage, I just didn’t like the deep shelves the pantry closet had originally. The shelving that came with the house was 18″ deep. Canned goods would get lost behind cereal boxes all the time.

It wasn’t a good situation!

So we re-vamped the way we store food. My hubby built vertical sections and then added adjustable shelves between the vertical boards.

messy pantry items in laundry room

BTW, we did this makeover over 12 years ago and I wasn’t blogging then. We weren’t photographing our pantries as we do now!

I’m sure you can imagine the white vinyl-covered shelving.

Now the shelves are shallow so things don’t get lost behind other pantry items.

Soooo much better!

The second makeover was more recent – within the last few years. I did manage to capture a few iPhone images.

china cabinet converted to laundry room cabinet with galvanized tup for a sink

You can see the full transformation story here:

China Cabinet Makeover

Be sure to pop over to the whole post to see the process and to see how we combined several units to look like one cohesive unit.

So, back to the lets-change-something-in-the-house itch.

It’s happening in the laundry room!

laundry room cabinets and shelves and washer and dryer

The transformation won’t be a major one but it will be a nice refresh. It also won’t happen in one weekend! We have a lot going on right now with work, custom clients, and a very special occasion happening this spring!

Let’s get started by showing you some things I will be adding to our laundry room which is also our pantry.

Food storage containers come in handy for certain items like flour and sugar.

Honestly, I don’t empty all of our food items into pretty containers just for the sake of it looking neat and tidy. If it makes sense to leave the food in its original container, then I do.

When I do use containers, these are my favorite. Better Homes and Garden make these and I love them!

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Like I said, this room also serves as our pantry. The shelves will be painted in the Kilz Brand ‘Shaved Coconut’.

We need to have access to the hot water heater but I don’t like it showing. It screams at me every time I see it! Not really, but it is definitely an eye soar!

messy area in pantry closet with laundry items and hot water heater

That problem will be fixed with a drop cloth curtain. The color should match but if not I can bleach it.

Click the arrows below to see the dropcloth and the paint color I will be using.

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The rest of the room will be painted, the window will get a new curtain (and so will the area behind the washer & dryer!) and I will replace the well-worn rugs!

dirty rug on laundry room wood floor
dirty rug on laundry room wood floor

Keep those rugs in mind, I have a plan for them this summer!

You can see the rug I have chosen and the valance for the window by clicking the arrows.

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So that’s the plan! The project will have to work alongside my work schedule so this could take a few weeks. But that’s real life, isn’t it??

side view of laundry room cabinets and large window

I will bring you along on the budget-friendly laundry room makeover journey, step by step, just like we do with our home decor and furniture tutorials.

If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to ask!!

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So, I’m wondering, do you have the itch to change something in your home? Let me know your ideas!


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Until next time…

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  1. Can’t wait to see your finished project! Love the rug you chose! Spring always seems to give me the itch to change something. I am currently creating a she room out of a spare bedroom and making some small changes in my living room. Have a great day!

  2. Patti Donoy says:

    It’s always fun to make chain the home, whether big or small, like changing out window dressings and area rugs. Sometimes small changes speak volumes! Looking forward to the new look!

    1. Cynthia Gayle says:

      Woohoo for simple changes! Thanks for being a faithful reader!