Old Screen Window

It’s been fun finding old treasure over the years.  I have many favorite finds, one of them being old windows.  Lot’s of projects have come from a good ole’ chipped up 6-light window.  So when I came across this window screen, I was super excited!  They are not as easy to come by because they are often damaged.  This one is in great shape!

The original hardware is still in tact, probably because of years and years of paint to hold it on 😉  You can see the variety of color that has been applied over the years – a soft green, creamy ivory and of course white 🙂

The loose paint needed to be carefully scrapped.  I don’t want to loose all of the character of this piece, but I also don’t want flaking paint in someone’s house!

One of the best details of this window is this hand written message indicating where the screen belongs.  The screen windows were probably taken down just before the winter months and stored in a barn or attic.  I love the handwriting of some dear and organized soul!  A woman after my own heart!

The screening was attached with nails – not the track system of the modern window of today!

Steel wool is a great way to clean older pieces like this.  Be sure to use #0000 steel wool and gloves.  The little bits of steel can really tear up your hands.  A good vacuuming afterwards cleans up the mess!

I applied one coat of wax and buffed it out with a clean piece of steel wool.  This creates a beautiful, vintage finish.

The wire hanger was attached with a couple of screws and I left a curly tail on the ends for extra detail.  The wreath was made from our birch tree out back.  We always have lots of limbs from those gorgeous trees 🙂

Thanks for stopping by for this quick little project!  This is a great way to add the farmhouse touch to your home!

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