Farmhouse Style Home Decor Round Up

Two years ago

when we started our own furniture and home decor repurposing business, we had no idea what the journey would be like.   It has been such a joy and it has also been really tough at times. For the most part, it has all been very rewarding.

Farmhouse StyleHome Decor Round Up

Let’s start from the beginning.

Our first vendor spot was a 3′ x 7′ section with wall space. Not having any idea if we could even fill it, we just jumped in and signed the contract with Wilderlove Handmade and Vintage (previously called Gallery 16) located in Greenwood, Delaware. We managed to fill it and our spot grew from there.

Before we knew it, our spot tripled in size! We even rented a spot in another shop in a different town! Things were moving faster that I could keep up with but I was determined to make this a success 🙂

We were offered a larger space at Wilderlove, so we opted to pull out of the second shop. We are enjoying keeping our area filled up at Wilderlove.  We even have some customers coming in to see our little corner of the store 🙂 , which by the way, is “all the way upstairs and all the way in the back.”  I have repeated that phrase so many times to people wanting to get to our booth!

I thought it might be fun to take a look back

at some of the items we have repurposed. I scan our photographic inventory list often and it is crazy to think about how many home decor and furniture pieces we have accomplished in just two years of business!

The first time we headed out to purchase items to repurpose was a bit scary. We had initially filled our spot with items from our home – and yes,  I sold our master bedroom nightstands and some hand-built pieces that my husband made many years ago! We knew we would have to start shopping for products, but we were concerned that customers wouldn’t like our style.

This vintage waterfall china cabinet was our first purchase. At the time, I didn’t realize the importance of staging our pieces, I just wanted to capture the item to remember the piece. Fortunately, I captured pictures of almost all of the pieces we have put our hands on!

Lighting has been one of our biggest sellers. We have sold pairs of repurposed lamps, single lamps, hanging lights and vintage bottle night lights!

During the beginning of our business,

I was always on the lookout for supplies that I could use on our property or in our home. One day I eyeballed our wooden picket fence that divides Mayberry from Canterbury (you might be wondering what I mean about this but that is for a future post 🙂 ).

The fence had no purpose really other than being a landscaping element in our yard to create interest. So….out came the crowbar. I started dismantling the fencing, pickets and rails, because it was good wood and the paint was chipping perfectly! My youngest daughter and I had painted that fence together many times over the years. And now it was on to it’s new life! Those pickets have served us well!

Picket crates with chair spindle handle and mason jars…

Picket railing block signs…

And our most popular hand painted signs, picket fence signs with words like blessed, grateful and gather….

Signs have been one of our most popular items. We use old frames and the pickets to create signs like this…

Speaking of signs, we paint words on just about anything! Like chair backs…

And upside down washstand harps!

And let’s not forget the furniture!

This is a slipper-chair slipcovered in french toile. It has a lovely button-down back that I unfortunately didn’t get a picture of!  Trust me, it is the cutest 🙂

A spindle style buffet with an added shelf from old bead board planks…

A sweet little pair of night stands created from a vintage vanity….

A 1940’s vanity turned into a desk along with a birdcage lamp….

The dining room sets…there have been so many! Here are just a few…

And the hand made children’s farm tables….

Phew! My head is spinning!!

There have been so many projects over such a short period of time – upwards of 650 home decor pieces! I think I better extend this to another post next week!

Be sure to stop back in to see some more of the home decor goodness…until then, happy reinventing!

Farmhouse StyleHome Decor Round Up

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  1. Hi Cindy, great round up of projects. I especially love the toile slip covered chair. Thank you so much for sharing on The Creative Circle!

    1. Cynthia Gayle says:

      Thanks Michelle! I had a couple of very similar chairs slipcovered in the red toile! They flew out of my shop! Thanks for letting me a part of The Creative Circle!