Craft Table Idea

You will love this craft table idea I have for you today! Especially if you love vintage and repurposing old pieces!

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Pinterest graphic with text overlay "craft table DIY" with a lady working at a craft table

craft table on casters

Yep, I said casters. It’s one of my favorite things on the planet.

Casters should be on every piece of furniture in my humble opinion. Especially a craft table that is used as a sewing table and a mini desk!

Sewing cabinet with cast iron base turned into a craft table idea with oak wood pieces and casters sitting on top.

craft table idea

Before I get into the nuts and bolts of this project, let’s go over the supplies I used for this craft table idea.

list of supplies:

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repurposed sewing cabinet

This craft table has been around here for several years. I had the idea of using it for my sewing machine. It was important to me to be able to take the machine off and use the table for other purposes like crafting.

Hubby picked up a section of wood at our local big box lumber store. It looked like butcher block but wasn’t the real deal. But it worked for me! The piece he bought was only about 3/4″ thick so I suggested he use trim around the edge to make it appear thicker like a real butcher block.

You’ll see in some of the images below how we attached the wood to the sewing cabinet cast iron base. The great thing about these antique sewing cabinet bases is that there are already holes in the cast iron that were used to attach the base to the wood top of the sewing cabinet.

The sewing table stayed the same stained wood with a spray-painted cast iron base for the longest time.

craft table on casters

Then the idea of putting this craft table on casters struck me! It was one of those middle-of-the-night kinds of ideas. Do you have those?

So I said, “Sweetie, can you cut me two pieces of oak boards that measure about this long and are about this wide?” All the while moving my hands to show the measurements 🙂

He headed right out to his workshop and cut the pieces for me! The next day I set myself to get this project finished!

First, I sanded the pieces of oak that he cut. then I painted two coats of Midnight Sky Chalk Mineral Paint on the boards. The plan was to make the wood look as close to the spray-painted cast iron as I could. It wouldn’t look seamless unless they were the same color.

vintage sewing cabinet

You can also see in the image below how the wood top is attached to the cast iron base of the sewing machine cabinet.

Really, it couldn’t have been any easier! BTW, I spray painted the cast iron on this base years ago and it has really held up well! Rustoleum makes a great line of hammered finishes. This color is called Soft Flat Iron and it’s one of my faves.

The underside of a sewing cabinet cast iron base turned into a craft table idea.

sewing table on casters

Is this a sewing table or a crafting table? It’s both! And casters just help with the whole thing.

It’s best to turn the table upside down to attach the oak wood pieces. Cast iron is really heavy and lifting it to attach the wood would have been difficult. Plus when it comes time to attach the casters, it’s already in the right position!

Just a couple of screws to attach the wood pieces to the base. The base has holes in just the right places!

Craft table idea showing the underside of a craft table made from a vintage sewing cabinet.

craft table makeover

Next up, attach the casters. Pre-drill the holes with the drill flip drive attachment on the power drill. I love that little tool! It saves on having two drills set up – one with the drill bit and the other with the driver bit.

Doesn’t this look so good?? It’s so easy to move this craft and sewing table around my sewing and craft room. Remember we updated this room a couple of years ago?

It’s a room that gets rearranged a lot due to the nature of my work. So having this heavy table on casters saves my back!

Side view of oak wood pieces used to attach casters to a craft and sewing table.

Dixie Belle Silk All in One Paint

Silk paint is literally all in one – primer, paint, and sealer. Two coats are all it took to cover the project leftovers that had accumulated on the top of this table. I did scuff sand it with a sanding sponge

Remember I said the base had been spray painted and was still in good shape? To freshen the look easily, I applied one coat of Dixie Belle’s Best Dang Wax with a chip brush. Then I ran a blue shop towel over the surfaces to add a bit of sheen to the cast iron. The wax did a great job on the oak boards too!

ady using Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax to the cast iron base of a repurposed sewing cabinet base used for a craft table idea.

crafting therapy

Do you enjoy the little things in life? Then you and I have common ground. Something as simple as updating my craft table with casters, and repainting it inspires me to work on projects like painted terra cotta pots.

Nothing fancy here. Just some simple, mind-relaxing crafting.

What have you been crafting lately? Tell me about your latest project in the comments! I would love to hear about it!

Vintage sewing cabinet repurposed into a craft table on casters.

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Pinterest graphic with text overlay "craft table DIY" with upcycled sewing machine cabinet repurposed into a craft table idea.

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  1. I have this same table! 😁 Seriously, last year I found an old sewing machine base and grabbed it up. I added a wood top and it has set in my front porch all year. So cool! I love the idea of using it as a craft table. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed this. Pinned 📌
    xo, Do

    1. Aren’t those cast iron bases amazing? So much potential in all the old stuff! Thanks for pinning, Do and I hope you have a great week 🥰

  2. Really good idea! And the wood spanning the feet to screw the casters into is a great idea and looks very good. If this were mine….the white top would be splotchy by now! You seem much neater at your projects than I am!

    1. The table top will most definitely have to be painted again! I’m such a messy painter too 🥰 It’s a good thing I like to paint!

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words Renae! 🥰

  3. What a great way to make this beautiful craft table even more functional, Cindy, I love it! Adding the casters is such a genius idea. I definitely need something like this in my office. Loving and pinning as always. You are so creative! Hugs, CoCo

    1. Thank you, my friend! This craft table has been used so many times over the years – the casters just make it that much better 🥰 Thanks for pinning CoCo!

  4. Oh this is fabulous! I adore casters and I add them to dressers and tables frequently. I love that this sewing machine base allows you to elevate your feet off the floor . Genius idea!

    1. Casters are a girl’s best friend 😉

  5. What a brilliant idea. I have one of those old sewing machines too. I’m using it as an end table now, fully intact! But I like your idea better.

    1. The top of my sewing machine cabinet was different heights to accommodate the fold-up machine. I tried using it as a side table but it wasn’t practical for our home. The craft/sewing table made more sense for us. Thanks for stopping by! 😊

  6. Cindy, this little table is fabulous! I love the sewing machine base, so much character!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth – this table gets a lot of use 😊

  7. Cindy, this is genius. I love the idea of the casters on it to make it portable. Also, a great idea for people with limited spaces in their homes. This craft table is so cute.

    When we moved to this house, I sold my old sewing machine stand that was converted to an end table. I have regret it ever since we moved. I had to down size and sell things. Not everything would fit in the storage units we rented while the house was being built. Have you ever sold something and had regrets? Ugh!

    As for crafts, I am working on a few projects for a bridal shower. I will be sharing them them on my blog in May.

    1. Omgoodness, Tammy, I feel your pain! I have sold so many things over the years that I have regretted! But it’s always a reason to find something else to replace it!