Bullet Journal Setup | March 2019

This was me a couple of years ago:  projects piling up without a clearly defined plan to finish them, small business to do’s overflowing and forgetting important dates and appointments.  It was spinning out of control!  Let me tell you how I manage to keep my business and my life on track with my bullet journal setup!

Bullet Journal Set Up

Meet My Assistant

I love using the Bullet Journal system for managing my to do list. I refer to my BuJo as my assistant! If you need an overview of how this system you can watch this video. You can also read some of my other posts on the Bullet Journal system. Just click Bullet Journal in the Categories on the right side of the blog!

Let’s do a little overview of how my February 2019 setup went. Then I will jump into the Bullet Journal March setup!

Trying Something New

This is the first time that I have used this version of the monthly spread. I typically like a standard grid for the month, but I decided to stretch myself this month and try something new.

I am really glad I did! Having the month in a list format was perfect because I only used 1/2 of the two-page spread. That gave me plenty of room to have my reinvented delaware monthly list on the right side of the spread. I even had room for a small monthly calendar on the bottom right page.


The next two pages were used to write down the things, people or events that I was thankful for. Each evening while I am planning out what I want to accomplish the next day, I write down what I am thankful for that day. It helps me to think about the day and sift through to see the good of each day.

  • Things like ‘sunshine and 52*’ and ‘rest’ help me to remember the small things to be grateful for.
  • ‘His mercies are new every morning’ and ‘conviction and confession’ help me to remember that He is patient and is teaching me daily lessons.
  • Memories like ‘shrimp creole’ and ‘making soap with Mary’ remind me of special times with special people.

This is a daily practice that will take some time to establish (I did miss a few days!) but I will continue to press on! I encourage you to write down something each day to be grateful and thankful for in whatever datebook or planner you use!

Daily Plans

Next up are my daily planning pages. Like I said earlier, I plan each day the night before. Usually with the TV on while I kick back. Here is my method:

  • Fill out the date and day
  • Add the weather (I use my weather app) & sunrise and sunset times
  • Check my monthly spread and add events to the daily space
  • Review my monthly project list and decide what project I will work on


As the month progresses, I might decide that I need to add a longer more specific project list. For instance, this ‘blog post ideas’ page. This is a collection that I will refer back to often as I add ideas and then actually use those ideas!

We all have these ideas pop into our heads at any given moment. A collection is a great place to store those ideas. I always have my bullet journal with me so writing down my thoughts and ideas as they come to mind is as easy as pulling out a pen.

Speaking of pens…….this is my favorite pen. It doesn’t bleed, writes smoothly with it’s lovely gel ink and has a needle tip 0.3 that writes so tiny!

March Set Up

Didn’t I title this post Bullet Journal Setup | March 2019??? We better get to March now!!

I am using a similar format as I did for February except that I switched the month to the right hand side of the two page spread.

Wow, I can really live on the wild side 🙂

I also decided to offset the small calendar instead of putting it in the center. Now, I’m getting really wild!

This will give me more space for my RD project list. As I fill this list out and complete some of those projects, I will have space to continue to add new projects throughout the month.

A Bit of Decoration

See the little flower at the top right of the March page? My favorite You Tube artist, Shayda Campbell demonstrated how to draw this flower in one of her monthly bullet journal videos. Be sure and check it out – she is super talented!

Living with Gratitude

My grateful page is next. I really benefitted from doing this each day in February (well almost each day!) and I plan on continuing doing it. I chose the word grateful instead of thankful and wrote it on the bottom, middle of the spread.

Future Log

I continue to use the Future Log at the beginning of my Bullet Journal. March became very full! And as you can see, the remainder of the year is filling up! It’s great to have a place to jot down future appointments that are scheduled months in advance!

My Library

My 2019 Library is filling up too! I even read The Bullet Journal Method by none other than the creator of the system, Ryder Carroll! Great book BTW!

I have a goal of filling each book spine with titles I have read throughout the year!

Easy Bullet Journal Setup!

I hope you find this post useful. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! I would love to help you start your own Bullet Journal! You can find me on Instagram and Facebook – but mostly Instagram 🙂

Thanks for stopping by for my Bullet Journal Setup for March! I would love to know if you use the Bullet Journal system to stay organized! Let me know in the comments below!

Here is a pin for you! Pin it to your organization or planning board!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Your Bujo is so pretty, Cindy! I can’t believe how you make all of those pretty doodles. Maybe there’s some creativity unleashed in doing that. So, am I correct that each month you have to write in the calendar? How do you like that versus printing out a calendar page in a notebook? Just curious.

    1. Cynthia Gayle says:

      Thanks for reading the post Crissy and for the kind words! I do write out the calendar each month, usually a couple of days before the end of the previous month. I really like doing it this way because I can make changes in the layout from month to month. Some people do print out a calendar and glue/tape it in their journals. I usually do my planning as I have my feet propped up and watching TV in the evenings! The doodles are just for fun but not necessary.?