Easy Blueberry Frozen Yogurt Dessert – Sugar Free

This easy and delicious frozen yogurt recipe is quick to make any night of the week! Since it is low sugar, you can know it is a healthy snack for your family.

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On the last Thursday of each month, we will share something home decor-related, and a culinary treat on the following Saturday inspired by our book of the month.

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Our virtual book club read Anne of Green Gables this month. It was fun to use Matthew and Marilla’s home for inspiration for my antique washstand furniture makeover.

When it came to our culinary treat inspired by the book, ice cream instantly popped into my mind! Anne had an opportunity to attend an old-fashioned ice cream social. She was so excited to go but mistakenly got into some trouble.

Marilla had misplaced a special piece of jewelry and assumed that Anne had taken it. Anne was deprived of attending the ice cream social as a form of punishment.

She was devasted. Being Anne of Green Gables, she was devasted about a lot of things!

But this devastation ran deep for this little girl. She had never tasted ice cream!

Fortunately, Marilla found the jewelry in time, apologized to Anne and she scampered off to the event. She absolutely enjoyed the ice cream! Probably more than anyone else!

NSNG plan

Do you have an ice cream maker? We’ve had one for years and we really enjoy making homemade ice cream with it on occasion.

Yet as hubby and I are aging, we are paying attention to our sugar intake for health reasons as well as trying to maintain a healthy weight.  So we haven’t been using the ice cream maker much lately!

With that in mind, we started eating foods that fall under No Sugar, No Grain (NSNG). We heard about it on a podcast. The fella that came up with this plan worked with movie stars who needed to gain or lose weight quickly for a part in a movie. Think Tom Hanks in Castaway.

It’s mainly a meat and green vegetable plan similar to a keto diet. Although, we also avoid processed foods including any that say suitable for low carb diets. We are sticking with whole foods for the most part. But we still have our Chic-Fa-La nights!!

whole milk yogurt

Anyway, ice cream is definitely not low-carb or keto so what are we to do? We decided to make our own homemade frozen yogurt treat! We already love homemade whole milk yogurt. I don’t have a recipe for it here on the blog yet…. it’s coming soon! It’s so easy to make and inexpensive. I’ll go into the details of this practically free yogurt in the future (no kidding, making yogurt at home costs pennies in comparison to buying it at the grocery store!)

For now, let’s get to it with this delicious frozen yogurt & blueberries treat!

frozen yogurt with blueberries ingredients

The simple ingredients might be in your fridge now:

  • plain greek yogurt
  • heavy cream
  • fresh blueberries
  • frozen mashed banana (this is not keto-approved but we like a little extra sweetness and the natural sugars in bananas plus we use a very small amount)
  • vanilla extract (optional)

If you are not eating on a low sugar, keto-friendly plan, here are some ingredients you can use in this frozen yogurt recipe:

  • ​pure maple syrup
  • honey
  • low-carb sweeteners
  • monk fruit sweetener
  • Stevia
  • coconut flakes
ingredients and supplies on a kitchen counter for homemade frozen yogurt recipe

    ​kitchen tools needed

    That’s it! Since the ice cream maker is optional, I’m pretty sure you have the other tools. If not, click any of the links to grab the kitchen tools I use including the ice-cream maker!

    homemade frozen yogurt

    Measure the greek yogurt and heavy cream. Use the whisk to blend the yogurt mixture completely. 

    BTW, it’s important to keep the ingredients as cold as possible. I struggled with this since I was also grabbing photos for you! My homemade frozen yogurt still turned out amazing even though it looks a little melted at the end!

    fresh homemade greek yogurt in a copper measuring cup

    Add a splash of vanilla and the mashed banana. If you decide to use another sweetener to satisfy your sweet tooth, add it now. Blend the ingredients well.

    Use a sharp knife to chop the fresh blueberries into smaller pieces than you think (the smaller the better in my opinion). I’ve tried it with larger chopped blueberries but the frozen blueberry yogurt wasn’t as colorful as I wanted.  Stir the chopped blueberries into the yogurt mixture with a spatula or wooden spoon.

    lady adding chopped blueberries to ice cream maker for easy frozen yogurt recipe

    You will see in the images that I added the chopped blueberries directly to the yogurt mixture in the ice cream machine. I completely forgot to stir them in before adding the mixture to the machine! In the end, I don’t think it mattered.

    Turn the machine on and let it churn the mixture until it is your desired consistency, about 15-20 minutes. You will be able to see the churning action through the opening at the top. If you like a soft serve consistency, pay close attention to your machine. Also, read the instructions for your machine so you are operating it correctly!

    ​Use the silicone spatula to remove the soft frozen yogurt!

    frozen yogurt bark

    The hardest part of making homemade ice cream is figuring out what to do with the mixture that freezes directly to the side of the ice cream maker! Do you have that problem?

    By chance, I figured out a solution. But I need to say, do this part at your own risk! I scratched the inside of our ice-cream maker. That doesn’t bother me but I want you to consider doing the same to yours before you commit to this next step 🙂

    I grabbed my icing knife – an offset spatula – and chipped away the frozen bits from the side of the ice cream maker. The knife has a rounded end and is very thin metal. Don’t ask me why but I have a small and larger size offset knivesd for icing. I never make cakes with icing but this tool came in handy!

    frozen yogurt bark in an ice cream maker

    Turns out I made frozen yogurt bark! Who knew? If I had kiddos around, they would have had a free treat! Next time I make this frozen yogurt, I might store the frozen yogurt bark in freezer bags, especially for my grandkids! 

    TIP: if you want to make a whole batch of frozen yogurt bark, just spread the mixture onto a rimmed baking sheet that is lined with parchment paper. Make sure it is spread thin – about 1/4″ or so. Allow it to freeze completely, then break it up into bark!

    blueberry frozen yogurt

    For now, I just added the bark to the frozen yogurt and stirred it in. But first, I grabbed a  couple of pretty images so you could see the soft-serve option. I think I would also throw a couple of fresh blueberries on top of the ice cream along with the mint.

    bowl of frozen blueberry yogurt in an ironstone dish with fresh blueberries

    Hubby wasn’t home from work yet, so I put the frozen yogurt in a one-cup airtight container for each of us. I also covered the top with saran wrap to prevent ice crystals from forming on the top. When it was time to enjoy the blueberry frozen yogurt, we let it set out on the counter for 15 minutes or so to soften. This healthy dessert was delicious!

    frozen yogurt in small airtight containers

    Frozen Yogurt FAQs

    Can you use plain yogurt in the recipe? Yes, you can! I used greek yogurt since we always have it on hand.

    Can you use low-fat yogurt in frozen yogurt? I would recommend you stick with whole milk yogurt or whole milk greek yogurt. The fat content is higher and makes a creamier consistency. BTW, that’s one of the benefits of eating NSNG!

    Can you use frozen blueberries in this frozen yogurt recipe? No. I tried using frozen blueberries when I tested this recipe and it was an epic fail! Frozen blueberries have too much moisture in them due to the ice crystals that form. When defrosted, it’s like adding water to the recipe.

    small ironstone bowl of frozen yogurt with fresh blueberries and mint
    pinterest graphic with text overlay easy frozen yogurt recipe
    graphic with The Virtual Book Club

    I hope you enjoyed this post and the inspiration from the book Anne of Green Gables. Be sure to read the posts my blogging friends were inspired to write.

    Join us next month when we will be reading Big Little Lies.

    ***Do you notice a theme in the posts below? Yep, Raspberries! I was supposed to make my frozen yogurt with raspberries!! Doesn’t that sound delicious??

    Lynn from Living Large in a Small House

    Erin from Erin Evolving

    Crystal from Sweet Valley Acres

    homemade rasberry cordial
    table set with salad and raspberry vinaigrette dressing
    biscuits with homemade rasberry jam
    homemade frozen yogurt with fresh blueberries
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    Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

    This easy and delicious frozen yogurt recipe is quick to make any night of the week! Since it is low sugar, you can know it is a healthy snack for your family.
    Prep Time10 minutes
    Cook Time15 minutes
    Course: Dessert
    Cuisine: American
    Keyword: frozen dessert, greek yogurt, heavy cream
    Servings: 4 people


    • ice cream machine
    • mixing bowl
    • whisk
    • silicone spatula
    • chopping knife
    • airtight glass container


    • 2 cups whole milk greek yogurt
    • 1/4 cup heavy cream
    • 1/2 mashed banana
    • 1/2 cup chopped fresh blueberries
    • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract


    • Measure ingredients.
    • Mash the frozen banana.
    • Chop the fresh blueberries.
    • Whisk greek yogurt with heavy cream. Add vanilla.
    • Stir in the mashed bannana and blueberries.
    • Add yogurt mixture to the churning ice cream machine.
    • Churn for 15-20 minutes to create soft serve frozen yogurt.
    • Optional: pour frozen yogurt into individual airtight freezer containers, cover surface with saran wrap, place lid, and, freeze for up to 2 weeks.


    ** Keep the ingredients as cold as possible. Only take out the yogurt and heavy cream from the fridge when you are ready to make the frozen yogurt.
    ** Use a frozen banana to keep the mixture cold.
    **Set individual portion bowls out for about 10-15 minutes before eating to allow frozen yogurt to soften.
    ** Check the instructions on your ice cream machine before using.
    ** Easily reduce this recipe for two like my hubby and I do – divide the ingredient measurements in half so you can enjoy fresh soft serve blueberry frozen yogurt anytime!

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    1. This looks delicious and healthy, Cindy! We haven’t been using the ice cream maker, because it’s not the healthiest treat, but we’ll pull it out and try this! Thanks for sharing!

      1. This frozen treat is definitely healthier. Thanks for stopping by!

    2. 5 stars
      This was so good Cindy – I really enjoyed learning about your new way of eating and the frozen yogurt looked so yummy! Your solution for the parts sticking to your ice cream maker is genius!

      1. Right?? It was a happy accident – I can’t wait to have some for my grandbabies!

    3. Cindy, this sounds delicious! The perfect healthy dessert. Hugs and blessings to you.

      1. Thanks Renae! That means alot coming from you since you wrote a cookbook!

    4. Molly LaFontaine says:

      I absolutely love frozen yogurt! This recipe looks perfect for summer days here in the south. Thanks for sharing!

      1. You are welcome Molly! Hope you enjoy it! Be sure to read one of my recent posts showing how I make homemade yogurt too!