‘Good Morning’ Instagram Stories

Last year I started a new habit that I have really grown to love. I started sharing a good morning story on Instagram Stories each morning, Monday through Friday and sometimes on Saturdays.

rain or snow…

I would step out onto our back patio each morning around 7-7:15 am and film a short video of our back yard. No matter what the weather or temperature was, I figured I could stay out there for 15 seconds to record a short IG story.

iPhone video

The feedback was great! My followers seemed to love the progression of the seasons, the sounds and the sights our little backyard!

iPhone image

new year

This year, I have changed it up just a bit. Instead of a 15-second video each morning I have been capturing one image from something in our yard. I literally go outside each morning, rain or shine, snow or sleet, sunshine or cloudy and find something of beauty to capture with my iPhone camera.

iPhone image

It has been a great way to start my day. Well, I mean, after my first cup of coffee! Gotta have the coffee first!

iPhone image


I thought it might be nice to share some of these images here on the blog either weekly or monthly. What are your thoughts on that?

I also thought it would be fun to offer the images to my followers so that they could save them and use them as a background on their phones. I will post the saveable images (without the writing) in my Instagram Highlights.

iPhone image

look close, breathe deep

Seeing a little bit of beauty each day is something we all need.

I encourage you to take a close look at your little spot in this world. Look for something beautiful.

Be still and listen.

Even if only for a moment, step outside and breathe in deeply each day.

iPhone image

Your soul will be refreshed.

Your head will clear.

You will look forward to the day.

iPhone image

give it a try!

Just try it for yourself. Let me know how it goes 🙂

Follow along on Instagram and Facebook so you can get your free background! If you do your own good morning Instagram Story, be sure to tag me so I can see it!

See you on the socials early in the morning!

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