Chicken Feeder Hanging Planter

Hello!  So glad you joined me on this simple little tutorial!  Today we are taking vintage chicken feeders and turning them into hanging plant holders.  Here is what I started with – a pile of chicken feeders found at an auction 🙂  Nothing says ‘farmhouse style’ like a real chicken feeder!

When I see this kind of thing at auctions and farm sales, I try to see it in a different light.  For instance, holding something upside down and seeing it in a different way than what it was intended for.  Doing that you could very well turn these into hanging lights!  But I turned them right side up and saw that they could hold potting soil and plants.  I had hanging baskets on our front porch but they were the ordinary, coconut husk lined type and I was kinda tired of them. (These will most definitely be reinvented into something fabulous in the future 😉 So I took off the existing hooks and attached them to these beauties.  Adding potting soil and some little alyssum in a purple color and boom!  Adorable hanging planters!  The only extra steps I took was to drill 2-3 holes in the bottom of each and to spray paint the chains using Rust-oleum Spray Paint in Satin Nickel.  This color looks almost identical to the old galvanized metal that is so popular right now.  I hung them up on my front porch and ta-da — farmhouse plant hangers!

Thanks for joining me on this simple tutorial! Be sure to Pin this image for future reference 🙂 Happy hunting at farm sales and auctions!

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  1. Hi Cindy!

    Goodness! It might be a simple tutorial, but it is FULL of cuteness! These are adorable indeed! And they are so much more interesting than plain ole plant hangers. I do the same thing when I’m pickin’ at salvage shops and go to auctions – turn things every which way to see if a new idea pops in my head. These are so much more interesting than plain ole plant hangers.

    Thanks for joining in and sharing at Homestyle Gathering!


    1. Cynthia Gayle says:

      Isn’t it so fun to think outside of the box? Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Julie Briones says:

    I need me one of these! So pretty and smart!

    1. Cynthia Gayle says:

      Thanks Julie! We came across a ton of these gems at an auction for next to nothing!