All Things Vintage | IGTV Chat with Anna

This past Saturday my friend Anna (from and I hosted our second All Things Vintage chat on Instagram Live. We also had a guest join us!

trying new things!

That’s right – we were able to have a third person join our chat! Instagram just recently added a feature to their platform – up to four people can participate in a Live!

Honestly, we had no idea how the whole thing would happen! You don’t exactly get a chance to practice.

Also, I haven’t personally seen any other Instagram accounts doing this new version of a Live!

upcycled window with greenery wreath hanging on it
vintage window upcycled with handmade wreath

it worked!

We decided to go for it and I’m so glad we did! Because it worked!!

Whew…….sigh of relief in the background!!

vintage tool box upcycled with spindle legs
wood toolbox on spindle legs storage chest

practice, practice

We did have a couple of snags, mostly being talking over each other. We were all so excited to chat and we had so much to say and the words just kept coming!!

We’re still practicing at this new adventure. And I think we could all three agree that we were thrilled to do this!

reinvented wood box attached to vintage baby stroller
vintage wood tool box on antique doll stroller

all things vintage

We chatted all things vintage as it pertains to grainsack and vintage linens that Emily uses in her furniture restoration business.

Emily shared some of the challenges she faces when working with vintage and antique fabrics plus she shares a fun tip to solve any mishaps she may have!

image courtesy: Penny and Ivy

Anna shared that she works with the same type of fabrics with her upholstery. BTW, you have to hop over to her blog and see her lovely work!

image courtesy : Sky Lark House

It was a great chat and I hope you enjoy watching! I also want to encourage you to hop over to both of their blogs and check out their amazing talent!

You can find them here:

You can watch the video here below. While you are on YouTube click the subscribe button so you don’t miss any of the fun!

Anna and I will be hosting another All Things Vintage on Instagram Live soon! Be sure to stay tuned – I will announce it on our socials!

upcycled green painted plant stand with small plant on top and vintage chairs in background


Thanks so much for stopping by today! I’d love to know if you have any questions about all things vintage!

  • Are you wondering where I find the items we reinvent?
  • Maybe you want to know what my favorite paint products are?
  • Or do you want to know more about being in this type of business?

I would love to answer your questions! Feel free to ask away in the comments below!

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Until next time…..

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