Tuesday Turn About #212 A Bittersweet Goodbye

Hi friends! You might be surprised at the title of this post. Before I explain, let me just say that this post is full of inspiration for you. You’ll find recipes, DIY projects, thrifted and upcycled ideas, and more!

My blogging friends, Julie and Lynne are also sharing their latest posts to inspire you.

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Now, let’s get to the bittersweet goodbye.😔 This might be a little long – I’m just speaking from my heart.

Something Different

Blogging is hard work.


When I first began blogging in 2018’ish, I photographed the upcycled and repurposed furniture makeovers and home decor that hubby and I sold in a local vendor booth. It felt like the right thing to do since I already had a good camera from a previous family photography business.

Plus, it was hard to work on projects knowing I would never see them again after they were sold. The photos helped me to say goodbye to those pieces. 😂

Truth be told, most of those posts from the beginning haven’t even been seen by people who would be interested in the how-to process of the projects. It’s completely my fault that people are not finding those tutorials and here’s why: I was terrible at writing in a way that would help Google guide diy searching people to my posts.

I naively thought that if the project was a good one, people would find it. Haha! I had to learn a lot!

In fact, I had (and still do) a lot to learn about blogging in general especially if I wanted to earn income from all of this hard work.

business goals

Fast forward to 2023 and recent years. I’ve learned a lot about blogging, why I am blogging, who I want to reach, and how much time I spend blogging.

I want to continue this reinventing journey and yet I don’t want an expensive hobby. What I mean is, if my blog isn’t earning an income for me, then it is an expensive hobby. If you are a blogger, then you can relate.

BTW, if you blog as a hobby, keep on!! No judgment here for your purpose in blogging! 😊

If you have ever had a job that earns a paycheck, imagine doing that same work without pay or just pennies for doing the work. Or even worse, spending money to show up there to do the work!

hard decisions

So I’ve had to make some hard decisions. And it’s taken me since January of this year to get to this point of making those hard decisions. But I want my business to be successful. I want my time and efforts to be enjoyable for me, and my readers, and good for our savings account. 😂

My blog will continue. Hubby and I enjoy working on our projects together and sharing those projects with others who are interested.

Our YouTube channel will also continue. The support we have found over there has been amazing and we are humbled that anyone wants to even watch!

And our new podcast will continue to develop. Yep, we have a podcast! It’s new and we are both looking forward to growing on this podcast journey.

do the hard things

That leads me to the bittersweet goodbye. Because I’m focusing on other things for my online business, I need to reconsider where I am putting my blogging efforts.

One of my blogging mentors (and friend), Do Dodson, told me about three years ago, “Cindy, you will have to make hard decisions for the benefit of your business.”

I’m following her advice. This will be my last week with Tuesday Turn About Link Party. It’s been a good two years (almost!) but it’s time to focus on the other aspects of my online work.

I encourage you to continue to follow along with my co-hosts, Julie (My Wee Abode) and Lynne (My Family Thyme) as they carry on with this link party. Many bloggers will continue to share inspiring posts for you and this is a great way to connect with them.

These two ladies have been a wonderful support system and I will miss our weekly DM messages about the link party! 😢 No worries, we are going to stay in contact!

press on!

If you are a blogger, I encourage you to continue your work, re-evaluate your blog growth on a regular basis and keep learning new things for your blog.

Blogging is hard work. You are providing resources for thousands of people who want to read your posts. You are doing a great job! Keep on keeping on my friend!

One last thing to my blogging friends specifically: if you need to unsubscribe to my email announcing Tuesday Turn About, feel free to do so! I understand that you have to do what is best for your online business (or hobby!) too! 🥰

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We’d love for you to join our journey. 🥰

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  1. Lynne Zemaitis says:

    You’re going to be missed here at TTA, my dear friend! My best wishes to you. I am excited to see what the future brings for you! xo

    1. I will miss you girls too Lynne! Thanks for the well wishes – this blogging journey takes many turns!

  2. Wendy McMonigle says:

    Awh, what a lovely goodbye that was CIndy. I know how you feel and it is a lot of work to keep a blog going in the right direction. I wish you all the best in your blogging journey. I am so fortunate to walk this road with you.

    1. I’m blessed to walk this blogging journey with you too Wendy!

  3. MaryJo Materazo says:

    Oh Cindy! I hear you and feel you. You will be missed here, but wish you the best of luck in your new endeavors. You have to follow your heart and do what’s best for you and your family. I hope to still “see” you around. XO- MaryJo

    1. Thanks MaryJo! I’m still going to be around in this blogging world!

  4. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas you have shared with us. I completely understand. May God bless you!

    1. Hi Karen! Thanks for your kind words! I’ll still be here on my blog, my YouTube channel and now our podcast sharing ideas and inspiration for you!

  5. Michelle | Thistle Key Lane says:

    I totally get it my friend and know how important it is to divide your time to best benefit your blog. The important thing to to keep having fun! Hugs to you!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I still love blogging. Dividing time is such a challenge!

  6. You are a smart businesswoman. Making hard decisions is part of that. You go girl!

    1. Thanks Renae! Being in business is a harder than I thought! But it’s so rewarding 🙂

  7. Debbie- Dabble says:

    Sorry to see you leave the party but I do understand your choice to do so…I blog only as a personal journal and something that my family can look back on when I am gone…I started blogging in 2010 and have no desire to monetize my blog…Good luck to you in your endeavors and in your business. And thanks for hosting all this time!!

    1. Thanks Debbie! You are doing a great job at documenting for your family! ☺️

  8. So sad to see you go, Cindy, but I’m excited about following along on your next chapter. It sounds like you have some new adventures ahead and I’m happy for you. Hugs, CoCo

    1. Thanks CoCo! Your support means alot to me 🥰

  9. Kim | Exquisitely Unremarkable says:

    Cindy, I commend you for following your gut and doing what feels right. It’s not always easy. I’ve been blogging since 2013 and I totally get it. Lots of starts and stops and pivoting along the way. I’m excited for you and can’t wait to see what your next chapter looks like…and tell me more about this podcast. I need to go find it!

  10. Hi Cindy, Thank you for sharing from your heart. I can relate–blogging IS hard work and I don’t think most readers have any idea how time consuming it can be. Thanks for hosting and for your time. Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

    1. Thanks Cecillia! You are right – I don’t think most readers know how much work is involved. Even though it’s alot of work – I love it!

  11. Oh my gosh I will miss seeing you each week at the party! Thanks for hosting these past 2 years (can’t believe it has been 2 years!) You have so much going on. You inspire me and I love to see your projects 🙂

    1. Thanks Marie! I have more planned to do than I have time! Thanks for your sweet message ☺️

  12. Kimberly Snyder says:

    I will miss you on Turn About Tuesday! I totally understand your decision. Blogging is very hard work! I keep saying if I had known what I was getting into three years ago, I am not sure I would have started! Missed you at Haven this year!

    1. Me too Kim! I’m so glad I love it!