Furniture Makeover using Grey Chalk Paint

Revamp your old furniture with a step-by-step grey chalk paint furniture makeover. Witness the stunning before and after transformation!

Purchase a used piece of furniture at a thrift store, Facebook Marketplace or an auction.

Clean the furniture piece with TSP and warm water. Use a microfiber to scrub the piece completely. Rinse with clean water on a clean cloth.

Apply two coats of stain-blocking primer to prevent bleedthrough from natural tanins in the wood.

Create a whitewashed effect by painting on watered down grey paint and wiping off the excess.

Paint two coats of  Silk Chalk Mineral Paint that includes a primer as well as a sealer.

Apply a decor transfer for a pretty detail.

Bring the vintage drawer pulls back to life by applying Gold Gilding Wax to the surfaces with a small artists brush.

Enjoy your vintage piece of furniture for years to come!

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