Upcycled Thrift Store Decor Ideas

Budget-friendly DIY decor you can make on a budget! Upcycle thrift store finds into beautiful home decor items with our easy ideas.

Thrifted finds like this shiny ceramic bird can be repainted to look like concrete.....

.... add silver leaf for an anthentic vintage look!

Glue two pieces unusual pieces together to create a unique planter holder!

Display the upcycled thrift store decor pieces on a fireplace mantle.

Breathe new life into a thrifted wooden serving tray with paint and seasonal peel-and-stick paper!

Use the repurposed wooden tray to serve soup by the fire! In the summer, use the serving tray to carry food outdoors on the patio.

This thrift store frame makeover is so easy and fun to do! Grab some paint and gorgeous decoupage paper and transform outdated artwork.

Display the new to you art in your home to create vintage-inspired home decor.

A little bit of paint and some imagination will help your upcycle thrifted finds like planter pots.

Create a new look for these thrift store finds with a little paint and creativity.

Add new plants or faux greenery to your decor!

Add new plants or faux greenery to your decor!


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