Fresh Coat of Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

Find inspiration to revamp your kitchen as you explore the before and after transformation of DIY painted kitchen cabinets.

Use this budget-friendly approach to update your kitchen! Organize and clean your cabinets for an added bonus!

Clean the cabinets thoroughly using a solution of TSP cleaner and a micro fiber cloth.

Lightly scuff sand the cabinets to ensure paint adheres well to the surface. Use stain blocking primer to cover dark colored cabinets.

Paint the cabinets in the desired color. Depending on the color you choose, you may need 2-3 coats of paint.

If you have a large kitchen, do the work in batches like this: 1. clean all of the cabinets 2. scuff sand all of the cabinets 3. prime the cabinets 4. paint the cabinets

Or you can do all of the steps to one section of the kitchen at a time. The choice is yours!

Enjoy your newly refreshed kitchen while savings $1000s of dollars!

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