Repurposed LampShade Hanging Light

Turn a plain lampshade with a little bit of excess fabric into an adorable hanging pendant lamp for a budget-friendly lighting project!

Purchase thrift store lamp shades for a few dollars.

Remove the fabric on the framed lampshade using scissors. Tear the fabric off of the frame.

Tie strips of canvas fabric in the colors of your choice to the frame. Add as many scrap fabric strips as you like!

Add string lights to a thrift store basket and tie it to the frame on the lampshade.

Add a metal chain to hang the lampshade hanging light fixture.

You could also glue strips of scrap fabric to the wire lampshade frame for a different look!

Hanging the lampshade light fixture on your front porch for a welcoming treat for your friends and family!

Use an outdoor extension cord to power the basket of string lights for an adorable back patio light!

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