Idea for Painting End Tables

Are you looking for an easy end table makeover idea? You will love this idea that uses peel and stick wallpaper to spruce up the tabletop!

Find your old furniture piece to upcycle at your local thrift store, yard sale or auction.

Clean the piece of furniture well. Then give it one to two coats of a stain-blocking primer. Allow to dry completely between coats.

Apply two coats of Silk chalk mineral paint to the surfaces of the end table. I used Silk All in One Mineral paint in the color Serenity.

Next, apply the peel and stick wallpaper of your choice! Cut a piece larger than the surface. Pull the backing sheet off a little at a time smoothing the top as you go.

Use a sharp exacto knife to cut off the excess. Go slowly and hold the tool at a 45 degree angle for a smooth edge.

Isn't this so pretty? The vinyl peel and stick wallpaper looks like it was painted on rather than stuck on, don't you think?

No need to seal the paint since it has a built in water resistance! The chalk paint is already sealed and protected!

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