Easy Way to Clean Burnt Copper

Use these easy methods to clean a burnt copper pan! Restore copper cookware with safe and natural cleaning methods.

Use a safe and natural clay-based cleaner to polish the copper.

You only need a small amount and the included scrubber. Polish in a circular motion. This polish is safe on your hands.

Clean the tin-lined inside of the copper pan. Fill with water, baking soda and a secret tool.....

....a folded piece of aluminum foil! Boil for about 45 minutes to remove oxidation on the tin-lined pan.

Use the clay-based polish if desired. This step is not necessary. Tap "Learn More" for further details!

This method works great on thrift store copper pieces for your home decor!

Earth Brite makes all sorts of metals like copper beautiful again!

Clean your copper and take care of your investment so it will last for years to come!

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