Clean Rusted Metal on Antique Child's Toy and Keep the Patina

Want to clean your rusty antique toy but keep its vintage charm? Learn how to clean rust off antique metal while preserving the patina for a perfect restoration!

Find an antique child's toy like this fire truck that has some rust on it at barn sales, estate sales and auctions.

Gather supplies and tools like a detail sander, steel wool and wire brushes.

Use a small wire brush in hard to reach places. Remove the loose dust without disturbing the original finish.

A detail sander with fine grit sandpaper will cover more surface area when removing loose rust. Be careful to not damage the original finis.

White vinegar has been used for years to get rid of rust safely without harsh chemicals. Spray on, let it work, rinse, allow it to dry.

Once the piece is free of loose rust, apply a couple of coats of clear paste wax to preserve the vintage patina. Buff with a soft cloth after applying the wax.

Keep the vintage patina on metal by placing the items in a moisture free environment like your home. Avoid storing this piece in the basement or an outdoor building.

Use your restored antique metal toy as vintage-inspired home decor! At Christmas, place a small decorative Christmas tree in it for an old-fashioned look.

Enjoy your antique child's toy knowing you have preserved a piece of history!

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