Handmade Wool Felt Ornaments

Discover the joy of crafting with felt ornament patterns! Elevate your holiday decor with adorable, handmade ornaments using free templates and creative inspiration.

Shop your local thrift store for garments made of 100% wool fibers. Angora, cashmere and lambs wool work perfectly! Take the garment apart to make felted wool!

Felt the wool like this: Machine wash wool pieces on the hottest settings. Then dry on hottest dryer settings till completely dry. Trace ornament designs on iron-on adhesive-backed paper.

Cut out the patterns then iron onto another layer of felted wool for a double thickness.

Add embellishments to the handmade wool felt ornaments like vintage buttons, embroidery thread, snaps, and old jewelry to create unique felt ornaments!

Use your imagination and creativity and have fun making your own felt ornaments for you Christmas tree!

Use thin craft wire to create a hanger and glue it on with a hot glue gun.

Hang your handmade wool felt ornaments on your Christmas tree!

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Merry Christmas and  Happy Ornament Making!