DIY Magnolia Leaf and Orange Slice Wreath

Learn how to make a DIY magnolia leaf and orange slice wreath for your Christmas decor. This budget-friendly project is easy and fun to make!

Thinly slice oranges and place on an oven-safe rack. Dry the orange slices in a 200* oven for several hours until completely dried.

Pick fresh magnolia leaves from your tree or ask a neighbor if you can pick magnolia leaves from their tree! Give them a magnolia wreath in exchange!

Wrap a wire wreath frame in burlap to create a base layer.

Using a hot glue gun, attach a layer of magnolia leaves to cover the burlap.

Next, use the hot glue gun to attach the dried orange slices to the magnolia leaves wreath base.

Add a bundle of seed pods from the magnolia tree if desired. Tie the heavy bundle securely to the wire wreath frame.

Use jute twine to create a loop to hang your magnolia wreath!

Hang your diy wreath made from magnolia and orange slices inside or on a covered front porch!

Enjoy your DIY Christmas wreath!

Merry Christmas!

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