DIY Cute Christmas Trees made from Dropcloth Fabric

Make cute Christmas trees using dropcloth and fabric scraps for easy DIY Christmas decor!

Gather dropcloth fabric, various fabric scraps, pieces of burlap, jute twine, a dowel rod and a wood slice.

Cut the fabric pieces into various square sizes ranging from 1.5" - 4"

Prepare the wood slice by inserting the dowel rod into a predrilled hole. Use wood glue to secure.

Slit the center of the fabric squares and insert onto the dowel rod. Add the largest squares first then work your way up to the smallest squares at the top of the fabric tree.

Tie small scraps of jute twine or strips of fabric between some of the squares to create layers.

Add a handmade airdry clay star to the top of the tree using E6000 glue.

Enjoy making a whole forest of fabric Christmas trees for your home this holiday season!

Merry Christmas!

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