DIY Veggie Stamped Pillow Cover

Learn how to make a festive veggie stamped pillow cover for fall. This easy DIY project is perfect for kids and adults alike.

Cut the celery about 2 inches from the root end then soak the celery in water for about an hour.

1. Pour a small amount of chalk paint on a paper plate then dab the cut end of the celery into the paint.

Stamp the celery onto the pillow cover. Repeat the stamping to create a large flower.

Cut the celery end in half longways then use green paint to create leaves on the outer edges of the large stamped flower.

Heat set the completely dried paint with an iron to set the paint.

Use a variety of colors to match the season! Reds and yellows are great for the fall. Pastels are perfect for the spring. You choose your own colors to match your decor!

Make your own pillow covers using drop cloth or purchase store bought pillow covers!

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