Decorating with Shutters Repurposed Shutters

Are you looking for a project to decorate with shutters? Then this easy DIY is for you! This repurposed shutter project is so easy, that you can do it in a day.

Gather your supplies: an old shutter wall sconce light fixture paint & furniture wax wire for hanging power drill wire cutters & pliers

Clean the shutter then paint it in the milk paint color of your choice

Distress the old shutter using your favorite method. Then wax the shutter to seal the paint!

Attach the plug-in wall sconce according to the package directions. Add heavy wire for hanging.

Hang your repurposed shutter in any room in your home! Use a pair of upcycled shutters in your living room, dining room or bedroom to bring additional light!

Enjoy your unique light and decorating with shutters idea in your home!

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