Purchase a used louvered door from the salvage yard or your local Habitat Store.

Drill holes in five slats from the upcycled louvered door for each star.

Take the louvered door apart and save the slats.

You will need five slats per star. If you want more stars, drill them all at once!

Cut six pieces of jute twine 6-7" long. 

Tie two slats together and cut off excess jute twine.

Continue to tie the sections together in the same pattern as if you were drawing a star.

Secure the bottom area of the star by tying the sections that crosses.

Apply glue at the intersections to prevent movement.

Cut a piece of jute twine in the desired length for hanging.

Hang your stars at varying lengths for a pretty holiday wall display. Or hang them on your front porch and use a spotlight to highlight the stars for a festive look!

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