Billy Rogers


thrifted sweaters buttons heavy thread & needle poly-fil & poly-pellets scissors hot glue gun & sticks

Cut three circle in graduated sizes from the thrift store sweaters.

Light Yellow Arrow

Use a running stitch to stitch around each circle approximately 1/2" from the outer edge. Leave a long tail of thread on each end.

Add Poly-Pellets to the largest circle. Then fill each circle with Poly-Fil until they are full. Pull thread tails tight and tie in a knot.

Next, glue the three sections together with hot glue. Glue one section at a time, pressing down til the glue has cooled.

Make a hat with a small section of a patterned sweater. Stitch by hand allowing stitches to be uneven and visible.

Add vintage buttons with glue. Use black beads for eyes. Glue the hat on his head!

Add small buttons and the brand label from the sweater to the hat. Add a scarf cut from scraps of the sweater.

Enjoy your handmade snowman made from old sweaters! Make extras as gifts!